eastwind journals 71 – MORINGA MAGIC the lowly malunggay

eastwind journals 71
The lowly malunggay is an herbal wonder


by Bernardo V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


When I saw the locally-made malunggay tablet produced by the Zero Waste Recycling Movement of the Philippines Foundation, Inc., I was surprised. Nita Abaquin started talking like a machine gun, explaining the nutrient magic of malunggay. When she showed me an expensive well-packaged malunggay-based ‘dietary supplement’ imported from the US, I was even more surprised. Instantly, I thought how much we take for granted our treasures because they have been with us since prehistory. We have been eating malunggay since we were kids, the leaves, the fruits (if you are Ilocano). Then the foreigner discovers our treasure we ignore and pedestals it. We learn about the treasure value only after they have embellished it in their Western way.


The magic of malunggay, scientific name Moringa Oleifera Lamk, as explained by Nita, begins with vitamin and mineral content. Gram for gram, malunggay has seven time the vitamin C in orange, four times the vitamin A in carrots, four times the calcium and two times the protein in milk, and three times the potassium in banana. No wonder, it is considered by herbalists as an anti-cancer drug, both in terms of cure and prevention.


In terms of prevention, many Western doctors who are cancer experts prescribe massive doses of vitamins to their cancer patients. The lowly malunggay leaf you find everywhere is virtually a cheap multi-vitamin. In tablet form, it is affordable at seven pesos each. In leaf form, it is almost as free as the air we breathe. Vitamins play a role in boosting the immunity system, that is why malunggay is a cancer drug. The key to cancer cure is strengthening the immunity system to fight the cancer cells, which is more effective than chemotherapy, which destroys good and bad cells and lowers the immunity system, and other forms of invasive cancer-curing interventions.


Malunggay contains ‘cytoclinin plant hormones’ which induce cell division, growth and delays aging of cells. It is not only an anti-cancer agent on the cellular level, it is a youth serum because of these anti-aging properties for humans. Cytoclinin is found in malunggay ‘a thousand times more than in any other known plant’, according to a Bio Life Magazine report.


BIONET gives us loads of information about malunggay. For the childless, please be informed that malunggay increases the sperm count. Malunggay prevents inflammation of the breast caused by the blocking of the milk ducts while a mother is lactating. It has an ‘anti-bacterial action’ agent called peptide, which are molecules composed of two or more amino acids, the protein building blocks that can destroy the cell membrane of many infectious bacteria, especially the common staphylococcus aureus found in babies’ noses.


The malunggay seed is a powerful organic medicinal concentrate. It is 40% oil and has anti-oxidant properties for those with heart ailment. You can actually take the hard black seed in its raw form like a pill if you have high blood pressure problem, but you have to know the dosage because this is powerful stuff. It is better and cheaper by far than some of the expensive Western anti-cholesterol pills.


The seed is used to heal asthma, cancer, circulatory or endocure disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramps, sexual transmitted diseases, boils, urinary problems. And guess what, on top of all that, it is a relaxant for epilepsy and, according to the University of Florida, it can cure chronic inflammation due to estrogen deficiency. It yields post-menopausal aid to women who are vulnerable to degenerative conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and alzhimers disease. They won’t call you ‘Al’ anymore if you eat malunggay. If ground, the malunggay seed powder is an organic water purifier. Everyday, they find out more things the organic magical malunggay can do that expensive inorganic medicine cannot.


No wonder, there are moves for the commercial planting of malunggay to rival that of Jathropa by pharmacy multinationals if only for the magical seed oil, considered by pharmacists as an emerging cure-all. Jathropa oil is for motoring. Malunggay seeds are also as much a bio-fuel source as Jathropa seeds, and at the same time food and medicine. If Jathropa has its numbers that entice people to plant it, let me give the malunggay numbers in commercial planting. Income potential for 9 hectares is P218,000 to P521,000 per year based on P20 per kilo of seed. This translates into P24,000 to P58,000 per hectare per year, which can rival other cash crops. There will be buyers as the international demand from pharmacy multinational is increasing ten fold today. You do not have to depend on single buyer who can command price, such as in Jathropa. A 3,000-hectare malunggay hacienda can employ 10,000 people and convert idle agri-land into a productive enterprise.


And because malunggay is food, its socio-economic value for a poor country is tremendous. Its subsistence and health value is critical to the poor. If you have a backyard malunggay fence, you not only have free vegetable everyday even if you are poor, you also prevent future cancer and heart disease, you clean your kidney and your blood, and you do not need expensive imported medicine. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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