eastwind journals 72 – CHEMICAL VS ORGANIC MEDICINE

eastwind journals 72
Bernie Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
The views in this article are the author’s alone.


There are two extremes in our health concerns today. First is the unreliability of giant pharmaceutical firms who release new chemical medicine with FDA approval, then withdraw it years later because of incidences of cancer or other negative effects. They are in a hurry to make huge profits and shorten the time period to study negative effects. Once health becomes an enterprise, there is bound to be this problem. Health is a mission and an advocacy prior to profits.

 The second extreme, on the other hand, is the unreliability of alternative organic-based medicine. At times, the magic effect of a new wonder medicine is exaggerated. A lot of unsubtantiated claims are made. Simple magnets are packaged well and sold at exorbitant prices. It is the same problem of health becoming an enterprise. Health scams are on both sides of the fence. (see health tips at the end).




But there is a tight-rope walk in this dilemma, the idea of balancing. Of course, you need antibiotics from pharma giants in emergency situations. So you have no choice. But remember that antibiotics affects your immunity system and changes your body chemistry, and also have negative effects. So be careful. Do not just jump into it at the slightest cold. Never overdose. Turn to known effective herbs. For example, chewing fresh oregano leaves as a decongestant, if you can find some, is cheaper, more effective, and has less negative effects than chemical medicine. It is a bit bitter but so what. Suffer and get well.


Pharma firms have med-reps or detail men who give free samples of new drugs to doctors, who are updated on new drugs this way. But the trend of new more-and-more-powerful antibiotics through the years, being used for simple ailments is dangerous. The firms and salesmen push us towards new more potent drugs for profit. We are unsuspecting victims who simply say yes, being ignorant of the scientific facts, unless we take time to do research or read fine prints of medical literature. Super-powerful antibiotics are good at times and dangerous at times.


Case 1. Organic medicine for high blood pressure.


My mother had been taking chemical medicine for her high blood pressure for many years that she started developing tolerance. She needed higher dosage in time, and had to shift to other brands to solve the tolerance problem. I brought her to a Catholic nun who was both a doctor of western medicine, an herbologist and an acupuncturist all at the same time.


She told us to harvest the wild makahiya, (I cannot find the scientific name as of now; it is a wild tropical weed). The plant’s leaves closes when you touch them. We made a tea of roots, stem, and leaves. It was so effective that my mother was able to reduce her chemical medicine by half combined with this organic option. We started harvesting it in bulk, making tea in large quantities and making ice cubes to last for weeks. Soon, we finished off the wild makahiya in nearby vacant lots of the entire subdivision. Soon, we were replanting them in our garden, and farming them. So problem no. 1 for herbal medicine is availability.


The nun gave us a second alternative, the black seed of the malunggay tree. My mother tried a few of them, not knowing about potency or dosage. It was so powerful that instantly her blood pressure plunged to dangerous levels. So problem no. 2 is the measure of potency and dosage. Most often there are dosage recommendations, but if not subjected to laboratory analysis, they could be arbitrary and unreliable. The option is to use the trial-and-error method, starting with very low dosage. Still, there are risks, but this may be a better option if the organic medicine is so effective, while its chemical equivalent has known side effects. So you have to make an educated decision based on facts and research.


Case no. 2. Massage for arthritis and gout.
The Philippines is blest with an ancient form of medicine revolving around the manghihilot or masseur/masseuse. However, this is not an ordinary ‘masseur’. This thousand-year-old practice involves scientifically unproven but effective part-psychic-part-scientific wisdom, where the manghihilot takes your wrist pulse and instantly knows where you have a sprain, painful hardened nerves due to being subjected to cold, arthritic or gout areas, etc.


For nerves, the cure involves slow massage of the hardened nerves until the coldness is somehow removed. For sprain, it is a slow massage of the sprained area to relax tense muscles and tendons until in one sudden click, the sprain is put back in place, with no anesthesia. For a swollen sprained ankle, the manghihilot would tell the patient to bite on a pillow because it could be painful. But remember, your sprain is gone instantly. In a few hours, the swelling will subside by itself. In extreme cases, a patient has to be massaged twice. Indeed, the manghihilot could at times easily beat an expert reflexologist for certain types of ailments.


A friend of mine recalls that his cousin who arrived from the states had a sprained knee. She went to several doctors, to a therapist, and was subjected to all kinds of expensive western type therapy in vain. My friend brought her to a manghihilot, and in 15 minutes, for the tenth of the price of all her previous therapies, she was healed. Advantage no. 1 for ancient therapy is instant effective cures. Advantage no. 2 is the extremely cheap costs. There are thousands of manghihilot all over the Philippines, but be careful of fake ones. A real one would have a long line of patients. The practice of the manghihilot is normally handed down orally to direct relatives such as sons or nephews. Without the manghihilot, millions of poor Filipinos will go unhealed.


Case no. 3. Organic versus chemical medicine for spine ailment.
My mother used to buy an expensive prescribed tablet, which cost a fortune and had to be taken for long periods like years, to strengthen the cartilage of her spine, which naturally and inevitably degrades due to aging. After taking it for months, she decided to finally read the literature. She discovered there was an active ingredient in the tablet which comes from the cartilage of chicken feet. So she discontinued the tablet and bought kilos and kilos of chicken feet which she ate daily. Chicken feet is a Filipino and Chinese delicacy. She saved thousands of pesos.


It is not known however if the dish is effective, just as much as it may not be known how effective the tablet really is, as the pharma firm may claim. But being organic, it is a scientific guess that chicken feet is cheaper and effective, no matter what the scientific arguments of the pharma firm are. There are unknowns from both ends.


The point in solving the dilemma of chemical versus organic medicine is to be discreet and discriminating and sensitive to scams in dealing with both extremes. Know and learn health science even as an amateur. Be informed of trends and new cures, but do not take it on face value. Be able to discern unsubstantiated claims versus effective cures, not just discern, but read read read. And be conscious that pharma firms are so powerful, they have the ability to suppress the wisdom of organic medicine in the media, many times in partnership with government regulatory agencies such as the FDA. In the US, FDA suppressed organic food farming in behalf of the big food multinationals, who were being threatened by the massive shift into organics. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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