eastwind journals 77 – theories about creation and the universe

eastwind journals 77


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Stephen Hawking


By Bernie Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


in death, as in an ocean
all our slow or swift diminishments
flow out and merge towards the Lord
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / eastwind


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, was a paleontologist who came up with one of the most profound insights into Creation and Salvation. Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist who came up with profound insights into the Universe.




Chardin said that the physical evolution advocated by Darwin was followed by a spiritual evolution of consciousness. When Man came about, there was an explosion, a super-nova wherein Darwinian evolution made a giant leap from the physical to the spiritual with the birth of consciousness. Chardin predicted that the evolution of consciousness would eventually converged towards Christ. The internet demonstrates so profoundly this convergence of consciousness on a global scale. Today, the Church upholds this deep insight of Chardin’s Christo-centric theology.


Prior to being pedestalled, Chardin was condemned by the Church, just like Darwin, because of the naïve notion among the best Church theologians, that the theory of evolution disproved God as Creator. The theologian was trying to be a crude scientist. Evolution in fact so profoundly proves Creation, as the Church finally admits today. The myopic Church finally saw the light. Chardin’s book The Phenomenon of Man was banned yesterday but proclaimed today. He was threatened with excommunication if he continued advocating for his Darwinian leanings. The human Church can make such obvious blunders. But it can also reverse ignorance into insight.


Hawking was a renowned professor at Cambridge for 30 years. His contributions in cosmology and quantum gravity catapulted him to fame in the scientific community. He predicted that black holes emit radiation. Hawking is almost completely paralyzed, having a spinal ailment of progressive neuron deterioration.


Hawking, a celebrated atheist-scientist, committed his big blunder when he started to veer from science into philosophy, just as the theologians veered into science. Simply put, he says that in the big bang theory, there was nothing at the start. Therefore everything came from nothing. There is no God who created. This ridiculous statement fails to see that ‘nothing’ is a term in our minds rather than a reality, and that the ‘nothing’ he was referring to is today’s nascent theory of the mysterious dark energy and dark matter of the Universe. Hawking says “philosophy is dead”, then starts philosophizing guised as scientific proof. He says science is based on observation and reason. So is philosophy.


Hawking’s theory cannot disprove God, just as Chardin’s theory cannot prove God, because they are both theories. There is one more step after Chardin’s theory – faith, which is a ‘leap’ from the logical. Science frowns on things which are beyond logic. At this point, Chardin and Hawking are not contradictory because they are on different plains. Science and religion are not contradictory but complementary. It is Man as theologian or scientist who has contradictory beliefs based on theories.


The opposing views of Chardin and Hawking, just like Darwin’s evolution and Einsteins’ relativity, are all mere theories. Theories naturally evolve continuously and defy finality. Einstein’s relativity, are today being remodeled. Theories are based on Man’s inferences of both physical and metaphysical realities, both science and religion. Thus, the theory of creation will rage endlessly. Chardin and Hawking will forever be acclaimed and condemned by religion and science. There will be endless useless debates of people on different plains. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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