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eastwind journals 78
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No one is to blame for the failed rescue ‘system’ in the millennium storm Haiyan (Yolanda). We have never experienced such a massive devastation in human history, except perhaps the 2004 tsunami in Sumatra. It is just natural that we grope and learn. Almost two weeks after the storm, the number of deaths is still unknown, still climbing. The number of homeless has been estimated at 2 million, then 4 million, and still climbing. Information creeps, even as international support comes in.


When the British destroyer arrived, it sent a helicopter to probe on islands that have not yet been reached ten days after the storm. They found pockets of small islands totally devastated and still unreached. From the helicopter was seen the word ‘help’ carved out on the beaches. They dumped food and water on those islands. The American aircraft carrier is doing the same, sending Black Hawks to probe.


The disaster response model that the Philippine government or even the United Nations has never considered the need for this type of logistics – the mammoth Antonov aircraft carrying giant mobile generators capable of lighting entire cities, carriers, destroyers, Black Hawks. In the past, victims could be reached quickly because disaster was contained in a limited area. For the first time, devastation encompassed a third of the entire Visayas, estimated to have 2,000 islands.


A new disaster response model must be crafted by the United Nations. It must include a multinational response team whose logistics can mimic those for wars. Response must be not only massive but quick and mobile all at once.


In our emerging age of global climate-change-driven mega-disasters, we need a paradigm shift.
eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com Bernie Lopez.


This is what I witnessed at the home of a visionary in Quezon City as we prayed the rosary in front of the statue of Our Lady of Grace. Sister Josephine (not her real name, for privacy), while praying the rosary, suddenly had a convulsion. She was in a trance. She spoke in a different voice, deeper, more compelling. The first sentences were garbled. I strained to listen, and this is all I heard, which I will never forget-


“I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son.”


My hair stood on end. It was like an apocalyptic verse from the Book of Revelation. There have been many wake-up-calls given to us through the last decade – droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes – yet we fail to wake up. We mostly never listen and never learn. We pray only when our roof is about to fly away or the waters have entered our house. We are never afraid until danger and death knocks at the door.


The Miracle of the Rose Petals of Our Lady of Grace. Below is a photo of an image on a flower petal. The miracle of a hundred or so such petals carrying the image of Our Lady or the Holy Child or Holy Trinity occurred at the foot of the statue of Our Lady of Grace, who said, “I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son.” This is being planned to be displayed in a permanent site.
One minute prayer on our keyboards for the victims of Haiyan-Yolanda and to avert future mega-disasters. Lord, forgive us our sins and have mercy on us. Our Lady of Grace, intercede for us to receive the grace of returning to His fold. Bernie Lopez eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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