eastwind journals 79 – HAIYAN LOGISTIC NIGHTMARE – global food shortage looms

eastwind journals 79
BEFORE YOU READ ON – a one-minute prayer from our keyboards for the victims of the millennium storm, and for the looming global food shortage to be averted.
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A problem of distribution not supply
By Bernie Lopez


It is commendable that UN’s humanitarian chief Valerie Amos admitted that the rescue and relief speed is too slow. The tendency of Filipino government officials interviewed by CNN and other international media is to paint a pretty picture and not focus on the problems. CNN’s Amanpour cited many past cases elsewhere on this. Government pronouncements are contradicted by victims interviewed by media clamoring for food and water. The public has the right to get the naked truth rather than PR statements.


President Aquino’s verbal assurances must be supported by field data. He blamed local governments unable to respond quickly, silent on the culpability of the national government. He failed to realize the gravity of the situation by not ordering the military to launch mandatory evacuation days before the arrival of the storm. Instead, preparations were limited to refugee centers and relief goods.


It must be clarified that this is the only category 5 storm in human history. Katrina and Andrew were of lower categories. It is just logical that logistics will somewhat fail to cope with the massive devastation. We cannot blame the anger of people who remained un-serviced. The looting was caused by despair. The solution is not martial law but getting aid to move faster. The massive international support is in contrast to the logistical nightmare, which is now slowly being addressed. Is it possible that the policeman, who was sacked for telling CNN casualties may reach 10,000, might be right? If so, he must be commended and restored to his post. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


Fatima warnings on a global disaster.


The global drought of 2012 triggered grain shortages on a massive scale – Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico, to name a few. Instantly in the US, Soy, corn, and meat prices increased by 10% in July 2012. Grain shortages result in meat shortages. In the US, there is a media cover-up of looming meat shortages. The Ogallala Aquifer in the US, covering half a dozen states is reported to be shrinking fast. We don’t need a war to have a cleansing. Mother Nature will give it on a silver platter.


Food shortages trigger instant food riots, as in Benghazi, Greece, the supermarket raids in Spain. In the Tortilla Riot of 2007 in Mexico, 75,000 took to the streets, when wheat prices jumped overnight by ten pesos. In 2008, when food price indices soared, there were riots in 61 countries.


The catalysts to a global food shortage include a catastrophic meltdown of the US economy. A whopping 46 million are now on food stamps. Other catalysts include sustained climate-change weather aberrations, and the continuing leaks in Fukushima resulting in radioactive Pacific Ocean fish on a massive scale.


The most critical catalyst to food shortage is in the takeover by financial institutions in controlling food supplies and prices through speculative futures. Four years ago, 90% of food supply came from food corporations. Today, 40% are controlled by financial institutions. In 2012, Mexican President Felipe Calderon asked banks to stop speculating on food and grains, which have triggered social unrest. Jewish-controlled Wall Street actually caused the Arab Spring by purchasing wheat futures which triggered dramatic increase in prices in the Middle East. Finally, the American survivalist movement is growing rapidly, people stockpiling 5-year supply of food in their basements, in anticipation of a sudden panic-driven hoarding. They are protesting  against a new law giving the state the right to confiscate food stockpiles of citizens.


An omen of American food inflation is the rise of food prices invisible to consumers.  They do not change prices, only quantity. Kraft cheese has reduced a packet of 24 slices to 22. The 3 ounces of canned salmon is now 2.6. The 18 ounces of Skippy peanut butter is now 16.3. Lays chips have gone down from 16 to 14 ounces. This is to avoid food protests. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com (source –  http://www.backyardliberty.com/vsl/index.php).


there will be blood and fire
the sun will be turned into darkness
the moon into blood
on the great and terrible day of My coming
all who call on My name shall be saved


joel 3:1-5


Towards a disaster response model
Fatima statue stranded by haiyan – coastal ban inappropriate


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