a true story for new grads and parents

YOUNG PROS, and their parents


I make you blind so you can see
I bring you darkness
so you can seek My light
for it is in darkness
that you begin to see the Light
eastwind journals 93
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when I was in new jersey on a quick visit
i met a Filipino single mother, jessica
who lived with her only son, jason


jessica hardly knew me
i dropped by just to pick up something for my sister
but it was as if we were friends from way back
she was hungry to talk to someone as much as i was
and so she began unraveling her life to me


jason was the only son
fatherless but rich because her mother
had her own dental clinic


jason was spoiled by her mom
he had his own car
she cooked for him
he never washed dishes
she could not even ask him
to mow the lawn


it was the only way she knew
how to pour her love for him
he was her entire world


jason was extremely bored with life
jessica could sense it
he looked far away for hours
to the horizon lost in thought
jessica kept asking the Lord
what was His will
what would He want jason to be


she asked jason if he wanted
to try to get into harvard
for his masters and doctorate
jason was at the top in his class
jason frowned
he wanted something different
from what all other kids
go through after college


quite by accident
jessica’s brother dropped by
and told her how changed his daughter was
after being a peace corps volunteer for a year
when jessica suggested this to jason
he jumped on it because he was bored
it was a chance to see the outside world
in no time he was on his way to guatemala


for the first time
jason saw the meaning of poverty and pain
in their rawest form
immersed in a marginal farm community
coming from the luxury of home in the states
he was shocked to see kids
who did not even have shoes
who would miss class because they had no food


fighting the discomfort of mosquito bites
and learning to sleep on a hard bed
jason’s heart started to open up
for the first time in his life
he realized how much power he had
to change people and the world


sometimes you stumble on a rare opportunity
you never thought was so golden
until you taste the bittersweet experience
that may never come by again
pray for discernment and think it over well
the road less travelled by can offer magic
beyond your comprehension and imagination


his six months in guatemala was enough
to change him forever
he grew fond of the poor children
when finally he had to go home
he had silent tears
as the children embraced him for the last time


coming home to new jersey
the first thing jason asked her mom
was if she wanted him to mow the lawn
jessica fell into tears
she knew guatemala gave her a better son
she knew the Lord answered her prayers
things were never the same
jason was no longer a spoiled child


it takes awareness of suffering
to awaken one’s restless soul
it took poverty to enrich jason
it took the darkness all around
to make him realize that the light
was inside him a long time ago
he just ignored it


the Lord works in mysterious ways
jessica prayed for a career for his son
the Lord gave it on a silver platter
jason would not exchange guatemala
for a doctorate decree at harvard
it was the best thing
that ever happened to him
he found a ‘career’


jason did not make a quick decision
what to do with himself
but he knew it would come in time
sometimes it is premature to dive into a career
and change your mind later
sometimes the best way to plan is not to plan
for a while at least when your spirit is still fermenting


this is because the basis of career decisions
is theoretical rather than experiential
theoretical wisdom at harvard
could never match experiential wisdom
in the ghettos of guatemala


my advise to parents
don’t give your son a car as a graduation gift
or a house as a wedding gift
you are just enticing him more
into the world of materialism
that is plaguing our society today
whose values destroy rather than build people
intervene in your children’s spirituality


perhaps an air ticket to somewhere
would open his eyes and open his soul
what better gift can you give
more spiritual than material


Bernie Lopez


do not seek to understand incomprehensible mysteries
such as how and when the rain and wind will come
you know not the work of the Lord
rather sow your seeds wherever you have land
if you know not where the flood will fall
let the Lord decide your fate and just do your part


ecclesiastes 11:1-8 / eastwind
vanity of vanities, all things are vanity
rivers go to the sea yet the sea is never full
words are eloquent yet empty of meaning
the eye is never satisfied, the ear hears a lot
what is crooked cannot be made straightened
what is missing cannot be supplied
the greatest wisdom i have learned
is that all wisdom is chasing the wind
in much wisdom there is much sorrow
he who strives for wisdom strives for grief
ecclesiastes 1:1-8, 14-18


I am the Way and the Truth and the Life
no one comes to the Father but through Me
if you know Me
then you know My Father


john 1:6-7


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