a true story for new grads and parents

A TRUE STORY FOR NEW GRADS YOUNG PROS, and their parents   I make you blind so you can see I bring you darkness so you can seek My light for it is in darkness that you begin to see the Light   eastwind journals 93   send this to friends via link – http://www.sisterraquel.com/2014/04/eastwind-journals-93Continue reading “a true story for new grads and parents”

eastwind journals 93 – THE SEVEN COSMIC PRINCIPLES

THE SEVEN COSMIC PRINCIPLES http://www.sisterraquel.com/2014/02/eastwind-journals-93 1 THE INNER BALANCE PRINCIPLE inner balance is freedom from fame and glory and ego from insecurities and fears inner balance is courage during crisis inner balance is prayer and action all at once 2 THE EGO-SUPER-EGO PRINCIPLE we are made up of two spiritual parts the ego and theContinue reading “eastwind journals 93 – THE SEVEN COSMIC PRINCIPLES”