2. Acupressure Liver Detox
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By Bernie Lopez
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LEADS Agricultural Products Inc. is the distributor of the deadly chemical to be used to contain coconut infestation. Did LEADS give allowances to some members of Task Force Sagip, and the PCA Advisory Board, as  alleged by a PCA insider who requested anonymity? The NBI, Sandiganbayan, Senate and Lower House Committees are requested to urgently investigate and confirm the matter, as the chemical treatment may SAVE the trees but DESTROY our multi-billion global export market for copra and coconut oil. Once global buyers discover our trees are treated with a chemical 10,000 times more potent than DDT, even if our coconut products are proven safe, no one will buy them anymore. 25 million marginal Filipinos dependent on the coconut industry will go hungry instantly. The budget of P150 million given in March 2014 has reportedly been ‘cornered’ by the chemical advocates in PCA-SAGIP-UPLB, which has been accused of suppressing successful organic solutions. FPA approved the deadly chemical but not the organic non-chemical.
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Inexpensive Home-based Cure
I went for consultation to a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Manila, who was a friend of a friend. He had credentials from both the Department of Health, and a Chinese University in Beijing. I told him I had no money for going regularly to a doctor, so he showed me a fantastically-effective cheap way of detoxifying my liver at home. This is what I want to impart to all the readers out there who have bad liver, and who have no money for regularly seeing a doctor. Apologies to the doctors.
Acupressure is the layman alternative to acupuncture. Acupuncture requires a TCM doctor who applies needles with exact precision. On the other hand, acupressure is so simple, it does not precision. It is being taught to peasants in remote highlands to make up for lack of doctors and medicine. Tribal ‘barefoot doctors’, eastern paramedics, are emerging in the poverty stricken hinterlands. Instead of applying precision needles, one simply applies fingers on the same ‘general area’ of the acupuncture points and achieve the same effect. The magic of acupuncture healing are thus literally at the tips of your fingers through acupressure, which you can learn from books.
I was in a pre-alcoholic stage, call it Stage Zero, from drinking half a litter of beer everyday before dinner for two long years. At dinner time, I was drunk, and would gobble the food to neutralize stomach acidity from beer on an empty stomach. When I told a friend my liver started to have a dull ache, he said his alcoholic dad had excruciating pain from liver cirrhosis for a year before he finally died. He said it was worse that birth pains. That scared  me. I went to a doctor, who said my liver was so swollen from toxins from alcohol, that, if I did not stop drinking, I would die within a year. That scared me even more. Survival is the mother of fear.
The Chinese doctor taught me these steps.
The pallette used for liver detox acupressure .
  • For your ‘equipment’, buy a sort-of wide palette in Chinatown used for liver detox (I don’t know the name). It is actually made from the horn of a carabao, super-smooth, with a shiny black lacquer finish, and edges rounded. It is about 1.5 by 3 inches, rectangular shaped, with a thickness of the regular illustration board. If you cannot find one, improvise. Try a thin smooth rounded shale stone of the same size. A broken cellphone will actually do. Or ask a wood shop to whittle one for you with smooth lacquer finish. There are a million ways to improvise.
  • Buy petroleum jelly (the one used for sex), or coconut oil will do, and apply it widely to the acupressure area as a lubricant to avoid skin irritation.
  • There are five acupressure points for the liver – two at four fingers below each nipple, two in between the big toe and the next toe, left and right, and one at the back, on the spine area, in line with your armpit.
  • Apply the palette with moderate pressure, not to heavy as to be painful, and not to light, 60 times for each acupressure point. For the ones below the nipple, apply pressure outward horizontally in one direction, using the 1.5 inches edge on the skin, slightly tilted toward the direction of the motion, so as not to scrape the skin. The same for the back, but this time downward in one direction. For the toes, apply the rounded corner of the palette vertically downward in one direction.
  • I usually forego the back acupressure point which needs another person to do it. Or improvise if you’re an obsessive-compulsive, e.g. a rounded object or a smooth beam at the exact height so as to touch the back acupressure spot. You can then wiggle upward to achieve a one direction downward motion.
  • This acupressure therapy stimulates your liver to eject its toxin into the blood stream. Do this once or twice a day up to once every other day, depending on how serious your condition is.
  • At the start, you will notice a certain redness after applying pressure. The Chinese doctor said the redder it is, the worse the state of your kidney, and the redness disappears when your liver toxin goes down, say within a week or ten days of daily detox.
  • Take plenty of water so that the toxin is released through your kidney. If you don’t, your kidney may be affected by the toxin. One litter a day is minimum. The more you do the therapy, the more water you should take commensurately.
  • To determine scientifically if your therapy works, get a blood test before and after a two-week therapy. if your SGPT goes down, you know you are being healed.
  • A more alkalinic diet (fruits and vegetables) and less acidic (alcohol and red meat) is the best healing and preventive medicine. Acidic food weakens all internal organs. Your acupressure therapy  is useless if you keep drinking alcohol and eating read meat. What you eat is what you are.
Just like the tribal communities, you are now your own eastern paramedic, ready for self-healing. Add a little prayer, and your liver will regenerate in no time and with no doctor. As an apostolate, you can also give this acupressure therapy to others.


forgiveness heals
hatred consumes
forgiveness destroys cancel cells
hatred triggers cancer cells
forgiveness is a youth serum
hatred makes you old
forgiveness gives inner peace
hatred gives inner turmoil
forgiveness is the eye of the storm
hatred is the storm
when you find it hard to forgive
because your wound is so deep
ask for help from the Lord
He will shower you with His grace
of forgivenss and inner peace
you will discover that it so easy to forgive
with Him beside you
when you realize your anger rising quickly
say a quick prayer to muffle it
nip it at the bud
the faster you learn to forgive
the better your spiritual and physical health
if you hate, you are the one affected
not the one you hate
you can actually make forgiveness a habit
by simply doing it all the time


This anecdote may be a re-run for some.
The true story of Rolly Sucad, of how forgiveness heals.
Lord, I am not worthy to receive you
say but the word
and my soul shall be healed
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healing stories of sister raquel
cancer healer for the Lord
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