100k San Pablo Coco Trees Chemicalized by PCA-SAGIP 100k Coco Trees

100K San Pablo Coco Trees Chemicalized by PCA-SAGIP
Inspite of warnings of coco market collapese
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By Bernie Lopez


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The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) and its Task Force SAGIP have reportedly injected a deadly chemical called Starkle, 10,000 times more potent than DDT, into 100,000 coconut trees in San Pablo City in spite of warnings it may instantly kill the entire century–old multi-billion coconut industry if global markets boycott our exports. Coconut is one of our largest dollar earners, and supports 25 million marginal Filipinos.


It is still being ascertained if LEADS Agricultural Products, Inc., distributor of Starkle, gave allowances to SAGIP and the PCA Advisory Board who ordered the chemical use, as reported by a PCA insider requesting anonymity. The Sandiganbayan, NBI, and Congressional Committees are requested to look into this urgent matter, which may become the greatest agricultural crisis of Philippine history.


PCA-SAGIP says, “Field tests and laboratory analysis conducted by the DOST-PCAARRD, PCA, UPLB research team has shown that 51 days after the injection of chemicals into the trunk, there are no traceable chemical residue in the coconut meat and coconut water.” Assurances of safety will not stop the global market from boycotting us for using of a deadly chemical. The impact is more psychological than environmental.


People around Presidential Assistant for PCA Kiko Pangilinan have somehow convinced him that it is okay to employ BOTH chemical and organic solutions, based on the logic of an article written by former UP President Emil Javier, suspected of being a chemical advocate. The Javier logic says in the absence of solutions at hand, we are forced to use chemicals, not knowing that chemical is not the solution but the problem. We have to use only the organic option.


PCA-SAGIP reportedly received a P150 million budget in March 2014 for the coco crisis, which the chemical consortium has ‘cornered’. Elements of the chemical consortium within PCA-SAGIP-UPLB tried to suppress the organic option before the release of the budget.


With Pangilinan neutralized, President Aquino needs to step in to save our coconut industry from total ruin at the hands of a powerful chemical consortium within PCA-SAGIP-UPLB-LEADS which seems to get its way. We are on the verge of a disaster greater than a hundred tsunamis in terms of casualties. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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