PCA CHEM CONTRACT ILLEGAL – sereno vs solons

Why Pangilinan Cannot Reverse It
Accusing the Accuser
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By Bernie Lopez


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Save the Coconut Movement Resolution on Coco Chemical
Why Pangilinan Cannot Reverse it


Green lawyers and advocates are saying that the contract of the PCA and LEADS Agricultural Products, Inc. for the multi-million dollar purchase of the deadly neonicotinoid Starkle to contain the ongoing coconut infestation is illegal, according to RA 6969, and a host of other environmental laws and RAs. This is in spite of the questionable license granted by the FPA. PCA has to prove it is not harmful to humans and the environment, which was never proven by the FPA in its records on the application of Starkle. They went through the motion of evaluating it, and presenting scientific evidence, which are contrary to international findings. FPA routinely approves toxic chemicals banned abroad in behalf of multinationals, like Starkle, a product of Mitsui Chemicals of Japan. Filipinos are under the thumb of powerful multinationals who partner with corrupt government agencies, endangering the lives of the general public. The heavens cry out for vengeance for this kind of greed, which is the core issue.


Presidential Assistant for the Coconut Industry Kiko Pangilinan is helpless to reverse the illegal contract because, first, the money has already been released through his signature into the hands of the chemical syndicate, hence administratively irreversible; second, it is extremely embarrassing for him (politically not expedient) to reverse a previous decision, implying he acts on a knee-jerk basis without proper research data.


As soon as Pangilinan came on board, chemical syndicate elements immediately cornered him, and made him panic by reporting a false emergency situation. He took the bait to go chemical. When he had a meeting arranged by Gina Lopez, he was shocked to find out there were successful organic solutions he was not informed about by PCA. He regretted going chemical but it was too late. The budget approval had been signed.


Only the courts can reverse the illegal act. If Starkle destroys our Coconut Industry which earns $2 billion a year (that’s dollars), supporting 25 million marginals, whom should we blame but ourselves for permitting government officials to do this to us? See links to other articles on coconut issue below. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Accusing the Accuser


It is a sad case of bad Filipino culture that one thinks proving the guilt of the accuser removes one’s guilt. The goal is to distract one from his sins by showing the sin of the other. The move of rogue solons to compel Sereno to appear in their turf and put her on ‘trial’ for being moral enough to vote for the DAP as unconstitutional, and compelling her to be cross-examined and possibly humiliated, is a ‘victory’. How pathetically infantile!! First, I don’t think they can humiliate Sereno. She stands as the hero to everyone and the rogue solons are the anti-hero. This is not a PR strategy but PR suicide.


In the same way, whistle blowers are put on trial for their heroic exposes, such as Jun Lozada (NBN-ZTE), BenHur Luy (PDAF), Edward Snowden (NSA), Romulo Neri (Southrail). Corona is the classic case. He maybe laughing now that Enrile, who is instrumental in charges against him, is in jail. This does not prove in anyway that he is not guilty ANYMORE, and he does not deserve to be impeached. His guilt remains even as he laughs. When will get over this rogue mentality that the sins of the accuser erases the sins of the accused. Our sense of morality is perverted. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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Why Pangilinan Cannot Reverse it


if you hold a hammer
you look at people
as if they were nails
if you look for funds
you look at funders
as if they were dollar bills


hope for the flowers lies in the butterfly
hope for the sailboat lies in the wind
hope for the sick lies in the Healer


elizabeth contracted bread cancer
two weeks after she discovered
that after two decades and five children
her husband was cheating on her
her close friends believed
that the hatred for the husband caused the cancer
she could never forgive him
when her cancer reached stage five
when her breasts smelled
and hardened like stone
she finally forgave him
and in the blink of an eye
her cancer vanished
the Lord fogave her
as she forgave her husband
forgiveness heals
hatred consumes
the Lord is merciful to those with mercy




Stories of terminal cancer healings


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