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By Bernie Lopez
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When the earthquake struck in Cebu-Bohol, destroying many churches, Pope Francis dispatched the original statue of Our Lady Fatima in Portugal to the Philippines. His intent was to tell Filipinos in their disaster-prone land to turn to Our Lady in order to dispel or seek sanctuary against future disasters. The Philippines is special in the Pope’s heart because it is the only Christian nation in Asia, a potential center for the Church to radiate itself outward in the region. It was predicted in Medjugorje that the Philippines was to be a global center for Christians. The idea of a global pilgrim center in storm-ravaged Tacloban is hinted by an Inquirer article, “Pope Francis and the ‘Borongan Miracle’”




there are no three days of darkness
no blessed candles
in the third secret of fatima


The rise of anti-Marians began during Martin Luther’s Reformation against the dark days of the Church in the Middle Ages. Today, this is manifested by the people intent in mutilating the messages of the Third Secret of Fatima.
From 1917, the messages of Our Lady of Fatima were attacked from the outside by governments and religious groups, and from the inside by archbishops and cardinals. The children visionaries were threatened to be boiled in oil, but they would rather die than disobey the Virgin’s order not to reveal the secrets yet. The message of Fatima has endured the onslaughts of almost a century, from 1917 to 2014 today. Its simple message prevails, the same message throughout the Old Testament – return to the Lord.
Today, the attacks come from cyberspace. The Third Secret of Fatima has been diluted and mutilated by subtle inserts that mislead and distract us. These false messages pop up on the Internet regularly and constantly. Authors of inserts do not put their names, misleading readers to think they are part of the message.
One such subtle insert is “the three days of darkness.” There are no three days of darkness in the original Fatima message. The mutilated version talks about the need for us to procure blessed candles, which are the only ones that can give light during the three days of darkness. There is no such item in the original message. These are external rituals meant by the devil to distract us from the true message, so simple and clear – a return to the Lord through prayer, sacrifices, and good works. The devil is shrewd and subtle. He is the wolf guised in sheep’s clothing, making us shift from prayer to a preoccupation over candles as the way to be saved. Very few can see through this subtle devil’s ploy. Remember – internal, the heart, is essential, and external, the ritual, is peripheral.
There are other glaring inserts – the need for an altar with a crucifix, the use of holy water that should be sprinkled on windows and doors. Again, external rituals meant to distract us from internal prayer. Another insert gives a warning that “God’s punishment is holy and once it has started, you should not look outside, under any circumstance.” This is meant to scare to follow ‘rules’ strictly or else. So you focus on rules and not on prayers. “All the evil spirits will be mingling around, free to do harm.”
An insert gives preposterous quantitative data – 10 minutes before midnight, a great earthquake will shake the earth  for 8 hours, that will move the earth 23 degrees.”
The inserts now shift to prophecy. “A man in a very important position will be assassinated and this will provoke the war. A powerful army will dominate all through Europe and the nuclear war will commence.” Even if this scenario may later happen, it is not part of the message. If it does not happen, it can discredit the Fatima message.
There is one truth that is fulfilled by the Third Secret prophecies – if Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, an era of global peace will ensue. As soon as Saint John Paul II, with an array of cardinals and bishops, consecrated Russia, Gorbachev visited him, and consequently instituted détente, a unilateral act of goodwill towards the West. Gorbachev opened up churches in Russia, which had been closed for decades since the rise of Communism. There were succeeding events toward world peace – the dissipation of the Cuban crisis, the end of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Russian empire leading to the end of the Cold War. Vatican scholars attribute these events toward global peace to ”Marian interventions.” as promised in the Third Secret.
Today, we enter a new phase of intensifying global conflicts and disasters, energy wars, tsunamis, pandemics, deadlier weapons of mass destruction such as weather manipulators. During a trance of a Paulinian Sister in the home of a visionary in Manila, in a deep voice not her own, she said, “I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son. Pray, pray, pray.” This is indeed is a scary message.
The essence of the Third Secret is to bring us closer to Jesus through Our Lady of Fatima and to tell us the urgency of prayers to atone for global sins, which can pre-empt disasters. God can cancel an intended disaster if we return to Him. Our Lady of Fatima beckons us to return to the Lord as the only way to appease His wrath. This is the same message of prophets throughout the entire Old Testament. Our Lady is the prophet of the New Testament and of modern times.
Personal revelations falsely attributed to Jesus or Mary but not authenticated by the Church, as if Jesus or Mary are actually speaking, are becoming a sad trend in the Social Media. Please be discerning. No matter how nice the message is, please be discerning that it may not be our Lord or our Lady speaking.
ORIGINAL THIRD SECRET DOCUMENT FROM THE VATICAN WEBSITE (which contains the handwritten manuscript of visionary Sister Lucia in Portuguese with English translation and Vatican annotations.)
a great sign appeared in the sky
a woman clothed with the sun
the moon beneath her feet
and on her head a crown of twelve stars
she was with Child, wailing in birth pains
another sign appeared in the sky
a huge red dragon
with seven heads and ten horns
the dragon stood before the woman
about to give birth to devour her Child
she gave birth to a Son
destined to rule all nations
in utter rage the serpent
waged war against the rest of her offsprings
those bearing witness
to the Son born of her womb
revelation 11:1-6, 14-17

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