Pope Francis on gays / more Yolandas to come – what to do

MORE YOLANDAs TO COME – what to do
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By Bernie Lopez
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I am the Light of the world
he who follows Me
shall not walk in darkness
but shall have the Light of life


John 8:12


The Theology of Love is an old Church Tenet


There is nothing monumental about Pope Francis’ statements on gays. It is the people who take it out of context that think it is a radical departure from Church teachings. Here is his statement quoted by catholicvote.org –


“When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers.”


The statement simply says gays are human beings and have to be treated as such, and I (Pope Francis) have no right to judge them. They are ‘our brothers’ and should not be condemned for having the ‘tendency’ which they cannot help. This is a very Christ-like statement based on the Theology of Love. Jesus taught us to love even our enemies, even gays. He did not point out an exception to our objects of love of other persons.


The Pope never gave a statement that homosexuality is now right, is no longer wrong, and should be condoned by the Church. Yet the statement threw off the conservatives, which included Bishops. They viewed that statement as ‘provocative’, as a ‘departure’ from Church teachings, when it was nothing but a statement of love, for people who may need help rather than condemnation.


It is like the contradicting view within the Church today about prostitutes. One view condemns. They put prostitutes on TV camera during raids to punish and shame them. The other view offers help, rehabilitation, strike at the root cause of prostitution, which is poverty. It is the same with gays, in the view of Pope Francis. Let us love them, and help them.


Elton John’s statement that Pope Francis should be canonized into sainthood made it worse. The article said “(The) British singer (Elton John) says the Pontiff’s attempt to change (the) Catholic church is ‘formidable’.” There was no attempt to ‘change’ the Church, or its teachings. It was an attempt to change the negative view of people of bias, hate, and condemnation.


Pope Francis preaches the Theology of Love that Christ has taught us. “Love thy neighbor”. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
MORE YOLANDAs TO COME – what to do
Being pro-active involves the military on stand-by.


Since Yolanda, two super-typhoons have come, which missed the Philippines. The last one, Paeng, had winds of 195 to 230 kilometers per hour (kph) near the center, nothing compared to Yolanda’s 230 to 280 kph, the strongest typhoon ever in human history.


PAGASA, the Philippine weather agency, right after Yolanda, issued a warning that there would be more strong super-typhoons to come in the future, due to climate change increasing the sun’s intensity, which in turn whips up bigger storms in the Pacific.


If Japan is the center of earthquakes, and Indonesia of volcanic eruptions, the Philippines is in the Pacific typhoon corridor, sustaining an average of 15 to 20 typhoons a year. Climatologists theorize the frequency and intensity will increase due to global warming.


There are two important preparations to typhoons. The first is spiritual, prayer to the Lord to spare us and forgive us our sins.


Lord, forgive us. Yolanda Village, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines


The second is physical, a pro-active system involving the military. If Noynoy alerted the generals from Mindanao to mobilize 6,000 troops ready to move as soon as Yolanda dwindled, a lot of negative impact could have been avoided.


Yolanda Village, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines


For future Yolandas, 1,500 soldiers can be assigned to rescue. They need complex logistics for this. The NDRRMCC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) is the lead agency in rescue operatons. 1,500 soldiers can be assigned to security, making sure there are no riots and thievery, especially in the large malls, which will give goods anyway to the victims. Imagine the beauty of the soldiers handing out the goods of the malls in an orderly fashion, with the mall’s help and permission. This is instant food for the hungry before relief comes later.


The day after Yolanda, the most precious commodity was water. Prices of goods and gasoline shot up 10- to 20-fold in the first month. 1,500 soldiers can be assigned to monitor an emergency order from Noynoy to freeze all prices of basic goods, food, water, medicine. The goods of anyone caught overpricing will be confiscated and given away to refugees. They can be assisted by local government. Finally, 1,500 soldiers will do nothing but transport personnel and goods from any point to any point, as request by a command center. In summary, there are four military components – rescue, security, price freeze, and transport.


The military must set up a command center where it is in touch with all other disaster relief agencies, Red Cross, UN agencies, and other foreign military like the US and UK who figured out very effectively in rapid assessment. They must all be under one roof and there must be a lead agency orchestrating everything, perhaps the NDRRMCC and the UN together. This physical command center is critical. It must have its own generator to insure communications. It must have a supply of gasoline for mobility, over and above food and medicine. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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Music Corner– AVE MARIA
Helene Fischer –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjmK2E_WJbw
(Jazz) – Bobby McFerrin – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgvJg7D6Qck
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when the large image of st michael
fell from its high garden perch
at the mother ignacia healing center
sister raquel saw this as an omen


she sees a great worldwide battle looming
never before imagined
between archangels led by st michael
and demons led by lucifer


they are fighting over the souls of men
a great tug of war over our destinies
she fears that this war has begun
and will climax soon


it is a premonition of armageddon
a war waged by the most powerful kings on earth
the ‘final battle’ described in the book of revelation
which would ravage the earth


and would see the destruction
of a great portion of mankind
reminding us of the fatima messages
of nuclear holocausts


sister raquel later said that the great battle
between st michael and lucifer
rages not just in the outside world
but also inside each and every one of us


all of us can save the planet
but only if we light one candle each
winning the battle within us
a billion candles is brighter than the dawn


we must let st michael win within us
with our love and good works
his victory is the victory of the One
he works for – our Savior Jesus


the st michael statue that fell
now guards the entrance
to the adoration chapel
at the healing center


the same chapel where
unexplained oil mysteriously appeared
on the marble floor a day before ondoy
and was used for healing
by sister raquel resulting in many instant healings


an omen of greater human events to come


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
before they even call
I have answered
Isaiah 65:24


For healing visit www.sisterraquel.com
or email eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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