Lenten Cyber-Prayers that have Healed
By Bernie Lopez


Three Youtube videos with music by the
Ateneo College Glee Club, conductor Joel Navarro


many people with terminal ailments
have been healed in the airwaves
and in the Youtube
when the mother of a child
who could not walk since birth
placed his picture against the TV screen
as father suarez said a healing prayer
the child walked instantly as shown on camera
nothing is impossible for the Lord
the Lord reigns in cyberspace
Bacnotan Church Healings
Fr. Fernando Suarez in action, cinema verite
Lenten Music 1) “Bukas Palad”, 2) “Tanging Yaman”
as i touch even just
the hem of His tunic
i am healed
matthew 9:20
Healing Prayer
This Youtube healing prayer of Fr. Fernando Suarez
has healed many in cyberspace. Pray with him and be healed.
Lenten Music “Dirait-on”
you are a mirror of the other
and the other a mirror of you
you see your beauty
mirrored by the other
inside you you see nothing
inside the other you see
the mysteries of the vast universe
beyond your wildest dreams
such is the principle of love
Prayer on the Universe
Narration by Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ
Spectacular Hubble space photos
Lenten Music 1) “The Prayer”, 2) “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi”


The grandeur of Trifid Nebula manifests the awesome power and glory of our Creator, who sculptured the vast Universe. It is located in the Constellation Sagittarius. Its brightest star is Epsilon Sagittarii, about 260 light years away. Compared to the length of the ‘known universe’of 30 billion light years, Trifid is a stone’s throw away. Hubble space photo.


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