lenten music – lenten verses

Lenten Music – Lenten Verses
eastwind memoirs 12
by Bernie V. Lopez


Lenten Music Filipiniana


paghahandog ng sarili / Music by Jandi Arboleda and Manoling Francisco, S.J.
Arranged by Francisco X.Z. Reyes, Sung by vinzfalken.


dirait-on / morten lauridsen


panalangin sa pagiging bukas palad


hindi kita malilimutan
version 1 basil valdez
version 2 pilita corales


Bukas palad ministry songs PLAY LIST


Lenten Verses
when you enter the dark forest
good and bad things lurk
to make and break your soul
take the chance, you will not regret it
darkness and light will encompass you
make the Lord your beacon
for He is the Light in your darkness
gather strength in His grace
and everything will fall into place
beyond your imagination


page 3 – Excerpt from the book
The Art of Discovering Your Inner Self
At the age of 26, I left New York to embark on an adventure of a lifetime that I dubbed eastwind, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for 3 long years, drifting through 18 countries in Europe and North Africa. Here are verses that flowed from eastwind taken from that book.




when sand and sea converge
when strangers on the road dialogue
unexpected unimaginable undisciplined
beauty condenses
surreal spontaneous sensuous


page 146


the oak resists, the symbol of strength
the bamboo yields, the symbol of weakness
but when the hurricane comes
the oak falls and the bamboo stands
be as strong as the oak
and supple as the bamboo
be as wise as the serpent
and gentle as the dove
be in the Lord always
during passing storms


page 104
love is never blind
lovers can see totally
love is seeing who you are
mirrored in the other




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Wings and Wanderlust – the Art of Discovering Your Inner Self
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