THE DAMSEL AND THE DRIFTER Based on a True Story of Adventure   eastwind memoirs 7b By Bernie V. Lopez,   This is an excerpt from the book WINGS AND WANDERLUST on the adventures of a Filipino drifter, covering 25,000 kilometers through 18 European and North African countries for three years. The bookContinue reading “THE DAMSEL AND THE DRIFTER * A True Story”

THE ART OF DRIFTING eastwind wings and wanderlust

The Art of Drifting   eastwind memoirs 13 version 2   by Bernie V. Lopez This is the 13th excerpt from the book Wings and Wanderlust. I discovered the art of drifting back in the 70s. I was lucky to escape New York City, a spiritual desert that left me empty. I embarkedContinue reading “THE ART OF DRIFTING eastwind wings and wanderlust”

eastwind memoirs 13 – the art of drifting

The Art of Drifting   eastwind memoirs 13 by Bernie V. Lopez I am a Filipino, a drifter in my youth. At the age of 26, I left New York City to embark on an adventure of a lifetime that I dubbed eastwind, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for 3 long years, drifting throughContinue reading “eastwind memoirs 13 – the art of drifting”

lenten music – lenten verses

Lenten Music – Lenten Verses   eastwind memoirs 12 by Bernie V. Lopez   Lenten Music Filipiniana   paghahandog ng sarili / Music by Jandi Arboleda and Manoling Francisco, S.J. Arranged by Francisco X.Z. Reyes, Sung by vinzfalken.   dirait-on / morten lauridsen   panalangin sa pagiging bukas palad   hindiContinue reading “lenten music – lenten verses”

HITCHHIKING WITH A GUITAR eastwind memoirs 11

HITCHHIKING WITH A GUITAR   eastwind memoirs 11 by Bernie V. Lopez,   what makes water gold is the sun water by itself is clear and colorless the water is your soul the sun in the light of the Lord in you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i know for certain from my travels that thereContinue reading “HITCHHIKING WITH A GUITAR eastwind memoirs 11”

PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA a Christmas story

PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA   The 7-day 80-km hike, Portugal. No tent, no umbrella, just a sleeping bag, beach sandals, and a 1.5-kilo backpack.   By Bernie V. Lopez, Blogger / retired Inquirer columnist / healing ministry Facebook “Bernie V Lopez” / “Eastwind Journals”   Share via blog link –   By Bernie V.Continue reading “PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA a Christmas story”

4 maps of the eastwind adventure

eastwind memoirs 06B four maps Hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers through 18 countries in Europe and North Africa for three years.   Map No. 1. Brussels to Andorra     From New York, I flew to Brussels on a super-promo ticket of $220 round trip. I was apprehensive. It was fear of the unknown. ButContinue reading “4 maps of the eastwind adventure”


FILIPINOS AS GLOBAL MUSICIANS – a tribute Leidseplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands   eastwind memoirs 08 Excerpts from the book WINGS AND WANDERLAUST The Art of Discovering Your Inner Self Bernie V. Lopez   Send this to friends via link –   if you are confident that poverty will not kill you then you don’tContinue reading “FILIPINOS AS GLOBAL MUSICIANS – a tribute”

ships do not a prison make – tales of filipino sailors – em01

SHIPS DO NOT A PRISON MAKE Tales of Filipino Sailors   eastwind memoirs 09   by Bernie V. Lopez   without trust, relationships are fear-based you sign a contract there is an accounting, a quid pro quo you are paid what is owed with interest   with trust, relationships are love-based thereContinue reading “ships do not a prison make – tales of filipino sailors – em01”

eastwind memoirs collection

Complete set of eastwind memoirs   Eastwind Memoirs are a set of excerpts from the book  WINGS AND WANDERLUST the art of discovering your inner self about the adventures of a Filipino drifter who hitchhiked through Europe for 3 long years.   To order the book, email To share this collection with friends,  sendContinue reading “eastwind memoirs collection”