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February 24, 2021

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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The Philippines is one of the last anti-abortion nations in the world, but extreme pressure from massive abortion funds from the US/UN may see a change. Filipino Catholics are worried by new legislation in preparation for these massive funds. A new bill ‘decriminalizing’ abortion, meaning, removing legal sanctions and legalizing murder of unborn babies, was drafted by pro-abortion activist Atty. Clara Rita Padilla, who is a member of a UN-affiliated pro-life pro-abortion NGO with global reach, a potential recipient of abortion funds from Biden and the UN. The CBCP is set to oppose a potential pro-abortion government eyeing the juicy funds, relying on the deep faith of Filipinos to rally behind the Church.


CAPTION. A banner is displayed in front of a church during a Catholic-organized anti-abortion rally in Manila. Photo: Getty Images c/o South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Padilla said the pro-abortion bill “would save lives (of the mothers)” (SCMP). Here lies the dilemma of abortion – saving mothers but murdering unborn babies. In special justifiable circumstances, the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act (RPRHA, 2012) implicitly allows abortion, but the constitionality of abortion has yet to be challenged in the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court decision has limited the access to modern contraceptives, which the ESCR Committee objected to. Four out of five Philippine abortions are due to poverty. (Wikipedia).

Padilla is a member of the International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net), a U.N. affiliate, together with another Filipino abortion activist, Anita B. Visbal. The ESCR-Net can easily facilitate funding for Philippine abortion with its connections with pro-abortion advocates in the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. ESCR-Net also has vast global connections “across 75 countries, over 280 Members—grassroots groups, social movements, NGOs, academic centers and advocates”. Padilla was reported in social media to have ties with a U.S. pro-abortion group, which is seen to be one of the first recipients from the Biden administration.

U.S. President Joseph R. Biden, who is portrayed in media as a devout Catholic, expressed his promise to continue the abortion funds as soon as he assumed office. Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumannn, a member of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in a February interview with Catholic World Report, challenged Biden to clarify his stand and “acknowledge that his support for abortion contradicts his Catholic faith”. (Daily Caller News Foundations, Feb. 19, 2021).

Due to misleading reports that Pope Francis has softened on the abortion issue, then President Archbishop Socrates Villegas of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) declared that “abortion remains a ‘grave’ offense against the moral law” (Inquirer Sept. 4, 2015).

The Philippines is viewed by Pope Francis and the Vatican as the jumping point for Asian evangelization, being the only Christian nation in Asia (90% Catholic). Filipinos here and abroad are regarded as extremely devout Catholics and anti-abortionists. However, extreme poverty and the Pandemic may weaken the resolve against abortion, especially with UN/US abortion funds that may pour in sooner than we think, which would 1) proliferate abortion clinics, 2) weaken hospital policies against abortion, 3) fund NGO pro-abortion campaigns working with the grassroots, the most susceptible to economic pressures, and 4) fund U.N.-sponsored PR blitz.

The ‘war’ between pro- and anti-abortionists is seen to intensify soon at all social levels, especially with funds coming in. The growth of pro- and anti-abortion advocacies are equally growing at a fast rate towards a confrontation. The Catholic Church is bracing for a confrontation with a relatively pro-abortion-prone government, banking on ‘devotion’ to neutralize ‘poverty funds’. The US/UN with their vast funds have yet to make a dent on Filipino devotion.

The number of abortion victims in the last two decades is by far bigger than the number of COVID victims as of this writing. There is a diametrical relationship between abortion and the pandemic. As abortion spreads, the pandemic spreads equally. The Church believes the Lord and the Blessed Virgin will prevail, and is asking the Faithful to be headstrong and vigilant, and to pray for strength to resist temptation of massive funds, because we are now in the era of tribulation predicted in the Book of Revelation.

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By Bernie V. Lopez,

Columnist Daily Tribune – Blogger – Healing Ministry – ex-University Professor (Ateneo).

Documentary Producer/Director (ex-ABS-CBN, freelance) – ex-Radio Broadcaster (Radio Veritas)

Facebook “Bernie V. Lopez Eastwind” / Facebook Pages “Eastwind Journeys and Journals” and “Mary Queen of Peace”


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