Spiritual Causes of Cancer ‘true tales’ volume 3

True Tales’ series – volume 3

Extreme emotional states like hatred or depression can cause cancer. Forgiveness and love can heal cancer. Our true story – a woman with breast cancer is healed.

A book on a collection of ‘True Tales’ is forthcoming.

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By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com

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Jessica had Stage 2 cancer of the breast. She visited Sister Raquel to be prayed over, in the hope of being healed. She had a strong faith and was confident she would get healed. A week after the visit, she called up Sister and told her she still was not getting healed. Sister told her to visit again. Sister could discern Jessica had a deeper problem. (Dialogue reconstructed.)

SISTER – There must be a reason why you are not getting healed. Tell me, what’s wrong.

JESSICA – (In tears.) My husband has a mistress. Imagine, after 30 years of marriage, he would do this, when we are old and our children are grown-ups. I hate him.

SISTER – Did you talk about it?

JESSICA – Yes. He said he was sorry. He abandoned his mistress when I got cancer.

SISTER – Then, your marriage is saved.

JESSICA – No, I want a divorce.

SISTER – You must forgive him.

JESSICA – Never, Sister. I’d rather die than forgive him. I hate it that he did this after 30 years of marriage and our kids know it.

SISTER –You must clean your spirit before the Lord cleans your body. I am not the healer. The Lord decides, not me. But from my experience, people have to repent before they are healed. When did you get cancer?

JESSICA – Two weeks after I discovered he had a mistress.

SISTER – Can you not see there is a relation? Do you know that extreme hatred can cause cancer? Jessica, there is a storm inside you.

JESSICA – (More tears.) I am sorry, Sister, I cannot forgive him. He destroyed our family.

Jessica went home dejected. After a year, she called Sister again. Her breast cancer was now Stage 4. Her breasts hardened like stone. There were lesions with a foul smell.

JESSICA – Sister, I think I am ready to forgive.

SISTER – Are you sure?

JESSICA – (Tears once more.) No, sister, I am not sure. I am trying to forgive.

SISTER – The Lord can help you forgive. Let’s pray to him. Let us ask him to give you the grace to forgive.

As they prayed, Jessica stopped crying. She suddenly became peaceful and calm. She smiled at Sister. The storm instantly passed away.

JESSICA – Thank you, sister.

SISTER – Don’t thank me. Thank the One who healed you.

JESSICA – You mean I am healed?

SISTER – I don’t know. I think so. You tell me.

JESSICA – Thank you, Jesus.

After a week, Jessica told Sister her breast cancer was gone. Her lab results showed she was cancer-free. What took years to reach Stage 4 was suddenly Stage Zero. Her doctor could not believe it.

Sister Raquel writes –

“During the few years of my ministry as an instrument of Jesus for healing, I began to realize that, aside from physi­cal poisons and genetic defects that cause diseases and physi­cal and mental discomforts, there are also social and psycho­logical poisons in our own homes and in society that pre-dispose us to illnesses by creating certain attitudes and feelings within us.

“Heart disease, suicide, mental illness, or cancer can be correlated to psychological factors. We can even be disposed to accidents psychologically. Almost all, if not all sicknesses and bodily discomforts have psychological anteced­ents.

“LIFE PATTERNS and ATTITUDES can predispose us to various types of diseases.

“Some doctors I have met say many of them are now beginning to regard the emotional realities in the lives of their patients. They begin to look beyond the question of chemical poisons and consider the possibility of PSYCHOLOGICAL POISONS.

“To go against lifelong emotional habits can be extremely difficult for most people. This is my advice to people who are healthy or sick. Relax and change your lifestyle. Be more gentle to yourself and to others. Learn to love deeply. Replace hatred with forgiveness. Forgiveness heals and hatred consumes. If you fail to forgive, you tear yourself inside. Ikaw ang lugi. (That is your misfortune).”

Sister Raquel is now too old to heal. But you can read about her experiences as a healer for the Lord. Request by email to the author for an e-book entitled HEALING STORIES OF SISTER RAQUEL, free download, English or Pilipino version, also written by the author as a healing ministry volunteer.

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