eastwind journals April 27, 2020

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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Here lies the contradiction posed by abortion — saving mothers by murdering unborn babies. Actually, it is just an excuse. The real aim is population control by enticing Third World nations with juicy funds to abandon their moral conviction. The Philippines is one of the last remaining anti-abortion places worldwide. But now, there is an imminent threat. The lingering pandemic may be related to the global spread of abortion.

The very Catholic Ireland has fallen. After many years of heroic fight waged by the Church, abortion was finally legalized in 2018. In December 2020, abortion was also legalized in Argentina, Pope Francis’ home country. Almost all Christian nations worldwide have instituted legalized murder. The next target is the Philippines, one of the last remaining bastion of anti-abortion.

A Philippine group is starting to openly talk in favor of abortion. Lawyer Clara Rita Padilla is drafting a bill to decriminalize abortion. It is a shrewd strategy – do not remove the anti-abortion law to avoid protest, simply render it useless. She hopes to receive juicy funds through her connections with pro-abortion groups in  the US and the UN for her abortion projects. If she succeeds, abortion funds will flood the Philippines even with an anti-abortion law in place.     

The CBCP fears that the Philippine government and pro-abortion NGOs are eyeing the juicy funds. For some of them, the abortion issue us not important, just the money. It is the duty of every Catholic to support the Church in opposing Padilla’s bill and the legalized murder of unborn babies.

It takes the good to do nothing for evil to reign.

Theologians say Abortion and the Pandemic are directly related. The success of global abortion may mean the Pandemic will remain with us indefinitely.

Dear Jesus, through Our Lady of Fatima, please protect this only Christian nation in Asia from the wily schemes of pro-abortion people who are blinded by money and who are instruments of the devil. Give us the strength to oppose this spiritual pandemic sweeping the planet. Keep us pure in your Sacred Heart. Amen.

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By Bernie V. Lopez,

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