ASTRAL TRAVEL – The Power of the Mind

As a teenager, I dreamt a few times that I was flying across valleys and forests. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom and flight. Once, I suddenly woke up and the dream was so clear in my mind. By sheer will power, I decided to go back to sleep and return to that dream, and I succeeded. This time, I was conscious I was dreaming and could control my flight in the dream.

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By Bernie V. Lopez,

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In my dream. I flew wherever I wanted to. I could see tiny people and cars on the street below. I could soar high for a panoramic view or glide low above treetops. I had total control. The elation was my driving force, my source of mind energy. But it was all in a dream. This happened about six or seven times in my life. Then it was gone. I met a few people with the same dream experience. An Indian guru friend told me that my dreams were a form of Astral Travel.

I thought it was something more than just a dream, more transcendental, more cosmic, my spirit trying to break away from my body, testing the limits of time and space, attempting to reach the rim of the galaxy.

Astral Travel, literally ‘journey to a star’, is the ability of a spirit to leave its body and travel instantly to any place, far or near, just at the thought of it. It simply means travel outside the realm of time and space. The body, imbedded in time and space, is a hindrance to Astral Travel. Without the body, the spirit is free. Perhaps you have heard of people who ‘died’ and returned back to life, saying their spirit could see their lifeless body on the ground. Philosophers say that the soul can transcend time and space and become ‘cosmic’, meaning it can go anywhere instantly just at the thought of it.

Psychologists claim we normally use only about 10% of our minds. You may have seen photos or videos of people piercing their lips with needles or walking through hot embers or a bed of nails and not feeling any pain, that is precisely mind control over pain, using 90% of our mind. They are called Fakirs, (delete Muslim or) Hindu ascetics living on alms who pioneered this feat of the mind controlling pain. We take for granted the power of our minds, so they are largely untapped.

Psychologists claim that all of us have this latent power. It just takes training and practice to harness this mind power. But there are exceptions. Some have the gift of mind power intuitively.

Astronomers say that billions of years ago, a super-nova exploded, larger than an entire galaxy, whose extreme temperature of millions of degrees Centigrade created the first heavy metals, like zinc, iron and manganese, that we have today in our blood in miniscule amounts. Indeed, we came from stars and we have the energy and power of stars if we can harness them – mental telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, mind-reading, third eye, seeing the future.

Astronomers also say billions of years from now, our sun will die, evolving into a ‘red giant’, then collapse into a neutron star, small but with the gravitational pull of a blackhole, capable of sucking up all the planets of our solar system. A teaspoon of matter would be heavier than a thousand Earths. After collapsing, the star explodes, what is called nova. Remember man that thou art stardust, and to stardust thou shalt return.

Albert Einstein inadvertently explains Astral Travel through his famous equation on the Theory of Relativity (e = mc2). The equation mathematically says – if you attain the speed of light (c), your mass (m) is zero, which implies you are no longer here but somewhere else, perhaps in another dimension, another time and space continuum.

Also, if you theoretically travel in space in a straight line, Einstein says you will end up where you started because the Universe is ‘curved’, just like an ant travelling straight on the surface of a sphere, ending up eventually where it started.

If our souls are able to roam our galaxy, marvelling at the Universe, we will kneel in utter adoration of our Creator, with all His power and magnificence. Below are a few dramatic photos of the Universe taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope taken decades ago.

Insert 3 photos

More Universe photos, eastwind collection – (to come)

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