eastwind journals – May 22, 2021

By Bernie Lopez,

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In August 1991, Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM, noted cancer-healer for the Lord, was scheduled to launch a gigantic healing concert at the Araneta Coliseum on the birthday of Mama Mary on September 8. There was a big snag. The plan was in conflict with another show by TV personal­ity German Moreno, popularly known as Kuya Germs.

The coliseum manager told Sr. Raquel moving a entire show that late was never done before. She had no choice but to talk to Kuya Germs himself. Sr. Raquel tried many times to reach Kuya Germs in vain.

Tired and hungry from searching, almost losing hope, Sr. Raquel, with some friends, went for a snack in a small unknown eatery in San Juan. While waiting for their order, she bowed in prayer, “Lord, what are you doing to us? Why is it so hard to find this guy? This show is for You, isn’t it? This is not for us. Please help us find this person. Please, Lord.”

At an opposite table, lo and behold, there he was, Kuya Germs himself, with his production staff. She could not believe her eyes. It could not have been coincidence, a needle in a mountain of hay. It was the hand of God. Sister hesitated, then mustered enough courage to approach Kuya Germs with a smile as big as God’s will. (Dialogue reconstructed.)

SR. RAQUEL – Sir, aren’t you Mr. German Moreno?

KUYA GERMS – Yes, sister, what can I do for you.

SR. RAQUEL – Mr. Moreno, I am going straight to the point. Well, you see, we were planning a grand healing concert at the coliseum on the birthday of our Blessed Virgin, but there is a problem.

KUYA GERMS – Yes? Call me Kuya Germs, sister.

SR. RAQUEL – (With a child-like smile) Kuya Germs, well, we cannot do it because you have a show on that day. Can I ask you to move your show for Our Lady?

The staff of Kuya Germs could not help but give a subdued laugh. It was not to ridicule her. It was just an impossible favor.

KUYA GERMS – (Politely.) Sister, its impossible to move an entire show this late. Perhaps you could have your show another day.

SR. RAQUEL – No, Kuya Germs, it has to be on her birthday. What do you think? This is not for me. It is for Our Lady. It is our birthday gift to her.

There was silence as Sister waited for a reply, unmoved by the laugh­ter. The face of Kuya Germs contorted with pain.

KUYA GERMS – What is all this? What is happening to me? Am I being punished?

Sister Raquel was silent, and just kept on smiling. The staff anxiously waited for his reply.

KUYA GERMS – Sister, do you think there is anyone who is willing to defy the Virgin? What can I do? Tell me, sis­ter, can I say no to Mama Mary?

SR. RAQUEL – I suppose not.

Kuya Germs became weak in a long deadly silence.

KUYA GERMS – Okay, sister, you win, sister. I will move my show. But not for you, for her. (The staff gives a muffled moan.)

SR. RAQUEL – Of course, for Mama Mary, right? She will surely bless your show.

In that short five-minute encounter, we see the hand of God move a mountain. Not even an influ­ential television director could refuse. In spite of the short time to mobilize the healing concert, it was a tremendous success. The coliseum was jam-packed. About 17,000 people came even though there were only 15,000 tickets.

A famous ballerina, who was instantly healed by Sr. Raquel a few weeks before, danced for Mama Mary, her birthday gift to her for restoring her dancing career. (Read related story “The Ballerina and the Nun” –

Sister Raquel performed group healing on the massive crowd. The next day, she received hundreds of calls, thanking her that they have been healed, some with terminal ailments like cancer. On that day, the Lord gave His Mother the perfect birthday gift, hundreds healed. The Lord works in mysterious ways beyond our imagination. Jesus said, “My thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways.” (Isaiah 55:1).

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