eastwind journals, April 21, 2021

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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As two superpowers prepare for the ‘inevitable’ confrontation, Armageddon, the foreseen nuclear holocaust is being pre-empted by the viral holocaust, where the casualties are far bigger. One involves brute force, a deafening blinding light. The other involves a silent storm.

History tells us – before one empire falls and another rises, there will be a great duel between the two giants. This was true of the Roman, Byzantine, and Moorish Empires. Today’s two giants have been amassing weapons in the last few decades in preparation for that inevitable great event – Armageddon or World War III – that will cleanse the Earth. The more it is delayed, the more sophisticated and deadlier the weapons, the more devastating it would be. Historians say it is as inevitable as the sun rising at dawn.

World Wars I and II were preceded by polarizations of nations, perhaps 60% of the planet, to either side of the conflict, such as the Axis and the Allied Forces. World War III will involve an even greater polarization, perhaps 95% of the planet. No nation can stay neutral. All will be forced to take sides, perhaps with exceptions.

But ironically, the viral holocaust has somehow overtaken the nuclear holocaust. Now, a new phenomenon never before seen in human history is unfolding. The looming Armageddon is being pre-empted by the ongoing Pandemic, whose casualties may be ten times bigger. Not a single bullet is needed. It is a silent angel of death that stalks every home in every nook of the planet, a silent deadly storm that has persisted for months with still no end in sight. Armageddon will involve nuclear mega-forces, but the Pandemic involves an invisible virus. One involves brute force, a deafening blinding light. The other involves a silent storm.

Man is at the crossroads of his destiny, as he stands before his Creator, pondering what is his future and how he can atone for his sins against himself, against Nature, and against God, which may perhaps have caused the silent storm.


Apologies for this dark picture of possible things to come, but it is a good wake-up call for those still feeling drowsy.

The numbers of COVID-19 deaths and positive cases have been soaring and diving. Just as it seems to taper down, a new wave emerges. There are many factors which cause the sharpening of the global curve. Rapid mutation is the primary culprit. Just as we have come up with a dozen or so vaccines, they become ineffective with new variants. Will we end up changing the vaccines every year, just like those for the ordinary flu, re-vaccinating billions worldwide? Will the vaccines stop or spread the virus? Many say, soon we will see and drink with our friends. The word ‘soon’ is perhaps wishful thinking. We are not out of the woods yet, after more than a year.

It is as if God is telling Mankind, “Not yet. Settle your scores first.” If he wanted to, God can snuff out the pandemic in the blink of an eye. But perhaps he has ‘pre-requisites’. We have to wake up. We have to get our act together. It is not up to the scientists. It is up to all of us together, Mankind. Greed, corruption and genocide for dwindling oil have undermined our Pandemic efforts. We are causing our own downfall, as the handful of powerful forces seem unstoppable. Evil is winning over good.

If Man fails to handle this global crisis, the tens of millions who will be killed by a tiny virus will be dwarfed by the billions who will die from hunger due to the looming global economic meltdown, already predicted by many financial analysts. Food, energy, communications may vanish when we wake up one morning. It may not be sudden. It can be a slow-motion as the time-exposure of a flower blooming, yet we ignore warnings.

Never before in the history of Man is there a potential for a global cleansing, which can dwarf all the casualties combined of wars in the last two centuries, only because global population has increased ten-fold. It is the preview for the biblical ‘judgement day’ prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Let us all keep on praying hard. Lord, have mercy on us and forgive us our sins.

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By Bernie V. Lopez,

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