Archbishop Says ‘3 days of darkness’ a Devil’s Ploy

Updated Version

There are no ‘three days of darkness’ in the Fatima Third Secret, no tilting of the earth axis, no 8-hour global earthquake. These false messages, spreading in the Internet for years now, aim to sow fear and panic, and distract us from the real Fatima message of INTERNAL PRAYER AND ATONEMENT FOR SINS, NOT EXTERNAL RITUALS LIKE BLESSED CANDLES. It is the work of Satan using some of us without us knowing it, says an Archbishop. There is also a new trend in false messages – claims of PRIVATE REVELATIONS.

eastwind journals, August 9, 2021 (archive tr88)

About ten years ago, an email started to circulate, purportedly quoting the Third Secret of Fatima, prophesying ‘three days of darkness’ and a great eight-hour global earthquake. For ten long years, the email, which started evolving, as people started adding to it, went into a cycle of disappearing and reappearing. And now, after the Pandemic started, it has started to spread again, sowing fear and confusion. Yet, there is no author to the message and everything is falsely attributed to Our Lady of Fatima.

I sought advice from an Archbishop, who agreed that this is the work of Satan, who was fooling devotees to believe and proliferate a false message. At first glance, the message looked authentic, warning readers to repent. But at closer look, the purpose was to sow fear and panic, and distract readers away from internal prayer, the real intent of the Fatima message, and focus on external rituals. One who spreads this message becomes an agent of Satan without knowing it. Please avoid forwarding such messages.

The message says only blessed candles can dispel the darkness. One has to set up an altar, sprinkle holy water on doors and windows. It gives a warning, “God’s punishment is holy and once it has started, you should not look outside, under any circumstance. — All the evil spirits will be mingling around, free to do harm.” There are THREATS of evil consequences, if the rituals are not followed strictly. The devil is shrewd, the wolf guised in sheep’s clothing. Many are easily swayed by the subtlety.


The message goes on, “10 minutes before midnight, a great earthquake will shake the earth for 8 hours, that will move the earth 23 degrees.” The Third Secret does not dwell in such detailed scientific data. Aside from the scare tactic, this was meant to discredit the Marian prophecy if these scientific data are not fulfilled.


There is a new approach to false messages – PRIVATE REVELATION, the claim of a purported ‘visionary’ that our Lord or our Lady appeared to them (apparition) or spoke to them through a ‘voice’ to give a message to Mankind. The messages are attributed to Our Lord or Our Lady, some as direct quotes, although the ‘visionary’ simply wrote them himself/herself.

Even if the messages are eloquent and inspiring, these are false claims. Some do this to simply gain viewership in their websites. Others are sincere in their mission to serve the Lord, but they are still false claims and lies. They can dangerously say subtle or vague things in the messages which the Church may not approve.

They sometimes ask a bishop to give an IMPRIMATUR to give a false impression that their messages are “approved by the Church”. An Imprimatur simply says there is nothing in the content which is against the teachings of the Church. It does not claim the message were approved by the Church as coming directly from our Lord or our Lady. The Vatican has to give explicit approval of claims of private revelations. BEWARE OF THE WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING. The message of Fatima, declared by the Vatican as authentic after 20 years of investigations, has endured the onslaughts of more than a century.


The essence of the Third Secret is to bring us closer to Jesus through Mary and to tell us the urgency of internal prayers, not external rituals, to atone for global sins, which can pre-empt the global Pandemic. God can make the Pandemic vanish if we just return to Him and atone for sins. The world urgently needs a Spiritual Renaissance, a renewal of the heart. Our Lady of Fatima beckons us to return to the Lord as the only way to appease His wrath.

Prayer is the answer to the Pandemic. In the home of visionary Carmelo Cortez, the author witnessed a Paulinian Sister go into a trance, her voice deepening, saying

“I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son. Pray, pray, pray.”


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