Super Weapons

A Mach-10 Hypersonic Missile has ten times the speed of sound. There will be no time for the entire US Fifth fleet to react in defense. A US Admiral said his carrier fleet would “not be caught like a sitting duck” in the Strait of Hormuz.

eastwind journals, September 10, 2021

By Bernie V. Lopez,


The US Naval Institute reported that back in 2009, Chinese Hypersonic Missiles could now take out an aircraft carrier in ‘one hit’, referring perhaps to the Dong Feng Missile (meaning eastwind, pen name of this author). There are “no (known) defense against it (yet)”, unless the US has developed one secretly. The US announced the proto-type Blackswift, a mere Mach-6, but is developing a new proto-type Mach-20. China may have a slight edge on Hypersonic Missiles, but we really never know.

The Pentagon says it will take ‘a vast sensor layer’ involving hundreds of low-orbit satellites to defeat a hypersonic to protect “the layered air defenses of a U.S. carrier strike group”. This will take billions of dollars and many years to develop. Russia has similar claims. We really do not know until the war is upon us. (Sources – AFP March 21, 2020, South China Morning Post,, Wikipeda).


EMP Bombs can cause a massive communications blackout in a huge area. Anything computer-controlled will fail, which is about, say, 80% of the world. Trains will collide and Internet will not work. In a naval war in the Spratleys, it could paralyze an entire naval armada. A tiny low-flying EMP drone could even perhaps take out a command center in Hawaii, insulating it off from a naval war in the West Philippine Sea.

EMPs are produced by a nuclear blast. But a non-nuclear EMP has been developed. It is actually a cheap low-tech device that amateurs can develop. A battery-driven coil produces an intense magnetic field, which a tiny explosion short-circuits to produce a non-nuclear EMP. (Source – e-bomb3). “One version of the system could destroy the electronics of an entire city”. The US has been working with Boeing on a prototype called CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project. (Source – EMP-bombs). The US, China, Russia, and North Korea are on a race to develop one without a nuclear blast in preparation for Armageddon.

This time, the US may have a slight edge on EMPs, boasting that they could control the radius of the EMP blast. But then again, secrecy may nullify this edge.


In a potential naval war in the West Philippine Sea or the Straits of Hormuz, it is a confrontation of Hypersonics and EMPs, plus a lot of other ‘secret’ super-weapons. China is moving fast. Russia fears the potential invasion of Iran would lead to World War III. The US is working in silence and secrecy. The situation is unpredictable and unimaginable. We will never know what will happen because we do not know enough about these super-weapons. Also, they are untested in a real war. One thing we know is all sides are avoiding a confrontation which may trigger a nuclear Armageddon.

The pre-occupation with the Pandemic crisis is a blessing. It is a deterrence to a full-scale naval war. But new super-weapons are still being produced in a frenzy for that rainy day. Observers of geopolitics have one great fear – a pre-emptive strike, just like Japan’s sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. Finally, an ‘accidental nuclear war’, can be caused by a single trigger-happy general.

The tiny Philippine nation is dwarfed by these mega-forces and fears it may become a massive collateral damage. The best policy is perhaps to stay neutral, but the protagonists will force the Philippines to be their ally. And neutrality does not insure safety from collateral damage. It may develop into a tug-of-war, and the Philippines is sadly the rope.

Over and above diplomatic initiatives, all we can do is pray for peace. When Saint Pope John II consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Cuban Crisis dissipated, the Berlin Wall crumbled, the Cold War ended, and Russia offered dialogue through Perestroika. We can perhaps achieve the same for China today. The Virgin can bring peace in her own mystical way, which may not be achieved by missiles, bombs and super-weapons.


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