Meditating on the Universe

GALLERY OF DRAMATIC HUBBLE SPACE PHOTOS. (Set in verses In praise of the Creator of the Universe.)

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble, was launched into Earth’s low orbit in 1990, one of the largest and most versatile among pioneer space telescopes of that era. It was a giant leap in astronomical reaserch because it took dramatic high-resolution photographs of galaxies and nebulas never before recorded done on such a large scale. Whereas earlier space photographs from the largest and most sophisticated ground observatories were blurred by the atmosphere, Hubble rendered photos with amazing clarity and detail. To-date, it has not stopped taking photos. Many of its photos triggered breakthroughs in pioneer researches in astrophysics, especially in determining the rate of expansion of the Universe from ground zero of the s0-called ‘big bang’. (search for The Big Bang Theory’ in this blogsite. (Wikipedia.)

At the center of every galaxy is a super-blackhole whose gravity is so immense that it controls trillions of orbiting stars. Lord, you are the blackhole, we are your stars.

eastwind journals, June 28, 2022 (archives tr276)

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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Photo Archive = ‘Final’ = 01 02 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 z158

final 01 – Lord you are the blackhole
final 02 – known universe 93 billion light years diameter
final 04 – just an inch away * NASA hubble photo
final 05 – and the L:ight glowed * NASA hubble photo
final 06 – your vastness our smallness
final 07 – we are stardust
final 08 – alpha omega * NASA hubble photo
final 09 – I carry the sins * eastwind archives
final 10 – we are just beginning to understand
final 11 – our most sophisticated weapon
final 12 – our bodies are ‘star matter’
final 13 – cosmic voids
final 14 – five galaxies
final 15 – i feel so small
final z-158 – known universe 10exp20 * 2MASS photo

Archive = ‘pptgen’ = 557 556 555 552 510 509 508 505 468 467B 467 166B 166 88 15-u06 14-u04

pptgen 557 – if i were a free spirit * NASA hubble photo
pptgen 556 – the birth of consciousness * NASA hubble photo
pptgen 555 – your vastness our smallness * NASA hubble photo
pptgen 552 – in the beginning * NASA hubble photo
pptgen 510 – Jesus holds saturn rings *
pptgen 509 – angel aurora even the darkness *
pptgen 508 – aurora borealis * anglophile
pptgen 506 – einstein’s cosmic theory * pillars of creation
pptgen 468 – we are just beginning
pptgen 467B – eagle nebula * pillars of creation
pptgen p467 – we bow in homage * pillars of creation
pptgen 166B – horsehead nebula * that i may discover * NASA hubble photo
pptgen 166 – horsehead nebula * traveling is not just discovering places
pptgen 88 – yin yang
pptgen u06 – from stardust

Archive = eastwind collection (prefix poster) = 107a 107b 124a1 ux

eastwind collection poster 107a – forget about your eyes
eastwind collection poster 107b – in darkness we see better
poster 124a1 – waterfall nebula
ux supernova remnant 1 – universe full of violence
ux supernova remnant 2 – birth of consciousness

Archive = ‘selected’ = u06 u08

“A supercluster is a large group of smaller galaxy clusters or galaxy groups;[1] they are among the largest known structures in the universe. The Milky Way is part of the Local Group galaxy group (which contains more than 54 galaxies), which in turn is part of the Virgo Supercluster, which is part of the Laniakea Supercluster.[2] The large size and low density of superclusters means that they, unlike clusters, expand with the Hubble expansion. The number of superclusters in the observable universe is estimated to be 10 million.[3] ” (Wikipedia.)

u06 – supercluster map 1
u08 – supercluster map 2


A. Meditating on the Universe (10 min.) – Tour of Galaxies, narrated by Fr. James Reuter, SJ for eastwind.

B. Man’s Third Eye (15 min.) new space discoveries – neutrinos, SDSS and Hubble space telescopes,  cosmic void, big bang theory, blackholes, galactic superclusters. Narrated by Fr. Pedro Walpole, SJ, and Fr. James Reauter, SJ.

C. Cosmology 101 (10 min.) Basics – galaxies, nebulas, Dramatic Hubble space photos.

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