From Digital Zombie to Nature Child

The computer age is catching up with our children. They can harness the computer’s power. But they also can become digital zombies. Parents have to know how to handle this situation.

Peter was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At the age of three, he had his own high-end portable ‘toy’ computer, playing the most sophisticated games only teenagers could handle. When he woke up, he was on the keyboard, played computer games while taking breakfast, and be ‘wired’ until lunch. After lunch, he would rest his tired eyes a bit, and play the whole day, until bed time.

eastwind journals

December 28, 2022 (archives – tr290)

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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His parents, too busy with their businesses, spoiled him rotten and bought anything he wanted without question. When he asked for it, they gave him a PC with a giant screen because he was beginning to get cross-eyed. He was so small, he could hardly reach the keyboard. So, they gave him a high chair with a step to get on it. Peter was as white as snow because he never got any sunlight. He was a computer zombie at the age of 5. He had no friends, but he did not care. All that mattered was his games.

Once, during a family vacation in Peru, Peter met Carlos who would change his life. Carlos was the son of the house maid. They stayed in a remote five-star mountain resort with WIFI connection.

CARLOS – You are loco, amigo. You never go out. You are addicted to that thing.

PETER – What is it to you? Am I bothering you? Get out of my face.

CARLOS – From now on, I call you Snow White.

One day, Peter’s portable computer was missing. He went into a rage.

PETER – Where is my computer?

CARLOS – I don’t know. Perhaps it was stolen. I found the window open this morning.

PETER – I’m going to die.

CARLOS – Come, I will show you something.

They went outside to the blinding sun. Peter shielded his eyes. Carlos told Peter to remove his shirt and tie it to his waist. They hiked to a cliff with a panoramic view of the rainforest below, immersed in a carpet of mist. Peter is hit by a lightning bold, shocked by the awesome beauty. The hot sun caressed his snow-white skin. They lay in the sun for 30 minutes.

CARLOS – I am sorry to say, I hid your computer because it is killing you.

PETER – Thank you, Carlos. You are a friend, in fact, the only friend I have. This is the first time I feel the warmth of the sun. (He embraces Carlos.)

When they went home, Carlos gave Peter back his computer. Peter went outside and smashed it against a rock. That was how he became a nature child. Every day, they went to the cliff to watch the mist slowly disappear, then lay in the sun. Peter became golden brown. His parents were shocked in his dramatic change. Peter embraced his parents in tears.

PETER – This is all your fault, but I forgive you. Carlos has made me see the light. I want to stay behind with Peter for one more month.

DAD – That’s okay, son. Stay as long as you like.

Peter and Carlos eventually became mountain climbers as teenagers. They conquered the Himalayas and the Swiss Alps. Peter’s parents funded the education of Carlos. For the first time, Peter acquired a social life. He made a lot of friends in school because people around him were amazed by his simplicity and sincerity. He was born with a natural charisma.

He and Peter graduated with honors in Marine Biology. They got a third person into their realm, Maria Elena, Carlos’ cousin. She eventually became Peter’s girlfriend. From mountains, the triumvirate moved to the sea, three nature children who loved each other. Often, they would watch the luminescent tide in the dark moonless night. They would roam the shallow reefs at high tide until dusk.

Balance your life between digital and real.

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