foodforthesoul PRAYER POEMS – EMPIRES YOU HAVE BUILT – when you see a tycoon with terminal cancer and a beggar in perfect health then you begin to realize how death is the total equalizer – that what matters most in life is life itself and what you make of it more than fortune or fameContinue reading “prayer 57 – EMPIRES YOU HAVE BUILT”

anecdote 17 – CHALLENGE THE CHAMPION a basketball game with ateneo

foodforthesoul ANECDOTE – CHALLENGE THE CHAMPION A basketball game with Ateneo – [Dramatization based on a true story] – Tony was the basketball coach when the Ateneo High School Varsity won the championship. Now, he shifted his attention from rich kids to slum kids. As he watched them play on a dirt court, he sawContinue reading “anecdote 17 – CHALLENGE THE CHAMPION a basketball game with ateneo”

archive09 – foodforthesoul ANECDOTES

*************************************** ARCHIVE 09 foodforthesoul ANECDOTES *************************************** – BECAUSE OF INCREASING POSITIVE RESPONSES WE MADE THIS MINI-LIBRARY OF INSPIRING STORIES, MOST OF THEM TRUE FOR BROWSING AND EASY ACCESS – JUST CLICK ON ANY TITLE AT RANDOM Send the link of your choiced anecdotes to friends – anecdote 26 – SUNSET GIRL a whiz kid teachesContinue reading “archive09 – foodforthesoul ANECDOTES”

anecdote 15 – A CANDLE IN THE DARK a touching anecdote about alcoholics

foodforthesoul – A CANDLE IN THE DARK a touching anecdote about alcoholics. – The Bowery in New York City was where homeless alcoholics wrapped in towels sleep in the icy sidewalk in winter. Deep in this hell-hole was a tiny heaven-hole, a soup kitchen giving free hot soup and bread. For Bowery residents, this spelledContinue reading “anecdote 15 – A CANDLE IN THE DARK a touching anecdote about alcoholics”

anecdote 14 – THE GUNMAN AND THE FARMER an anecdote on sharing

foodforthesoul – THE GUNMAN AND THE FARMER an anecdote on sharing – This is an anecdote lifted from an old western movie starring John Wayne circa 1950s, title unknown, dialogue reconstructed. – A GUNMAN WANDERS INTO A FARM. – GUNMAN What’s happening here? Your animals and plants are dying. FARMER Our greedy neighbor kept theContinue reading “anecdote 14 – THE GUNMAN AND THE FARMER an anecdote on sharing”

anecdote 13 – PAGSUBOK KAY JOSEPHINE christmas trilogy #3

prayer 59 – christmas trilogy #3 – JOSEPHINE’S TEMPTATION – foodforthesoul – JOSEPHINE’S TEMPTATION a true story Pagsubok kay Josephine – Pamaskong drama #3 Sinulat ni bernie lopez, eastwind ENGLISH SUMMARY AT THE END. – – ITO AY BASE SA ISANG TUNAY NA ISTORYA NG ISANG NAKILALA KO SA MOTHER IGNACIA HEALING CENTER ( reading “anecdote 13 – PAGSUBOK KAY JOSEPHINE christmas trilogy #3”


Prayer56 – OF SELF-EXCOMMUNICATIONS AND THE RH BILL – This is a reply to the stinging attacks of Mr. John Silva, an admitted gay, against the Catholic Church. Let me begin by quoting his entire letter, so you can discern why he is really so angry, some of which is based on wrong media information.Continue reading “Prayer56 – OF SELF-EXCOMMUNICATIONS AND THE RH BILL”


ADDENDUM TO THE ANECDOTE “The Child Grandmaster” – NOTE FROM eastwind, author of the anecdote – this is beautiful i never read such detailed knowledge of tournaments in my life – i never realized my fiction story is very close to reality in terms of this egoism – francis knew he already lost so evenContinue reading “anecdote 10b – ADDENDUM TO ‘THE CHILD GRANDMASTER’”