Mediatrix Image Sheds Tears in Lipa

The Virgin weeps for the Filipino people – an omen of hope and a warning of dire things to come, a Pandemic message. eastwind journals, August 2, 2020 (archives tr208) By Bernie V. Lopez, Share with friends – Fr. Ted Kalaw, Superior General of the Clerics Minor Order, celebrated Holy Mass at theContinue reading “Mediatrix Image Sheds Tears in Lipa”

Starting Life at 80 (new version)

80-year-old Kevin was so depressed, he wanted to commit suicide. But suddenly, his total darkness became a blinding light. A story inspired by a real character. eastwind journals, updated June 16, 2022 (archives j1033) By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this article – Kevin was so bored with life that he started thinking ofContinue reading “Starting Life at 80 (new version)”


eastwind journals – March 8, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – JOE BIDEN BACKS PRO-ABORTION MOVEMENT. IT IS AMAZING HOW A LAW, VIEWED TO PROTECT FREEDOM, IS IRONICALLY ALSO VIEWED TO SUPPRESS IT. The U.S. Equality Act exemplifies this absolute irony. And a war is brewing between LGBTQContinue reading “EQUALITY ACT – Church-vs-LGBTQ War”

CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CRISIS – History and Analysis

eastwind journals CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CRISIS History and Analysis (New Version) Share by sending this link – By Bernie V. Lopez Part 1. VATICAN ‘CIVIL WAR’ TRIGGERS CHURCH CRISIS The war between Conservatives and Liberals is the catalyst to the Church crisis. Vatican II intensifies the age-old war between Conservatives and Liberals. When LiberalContinue reading “CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CRISIS – History and Analysis”


eastwind journals BIDEN FUNDS FOR PHILIPPINE ABORTION? February 24, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – The Philippines is one of the last anti-abortion nations in the world, but extreme pressure from massive abortion funds from the US/UN may see a change. Filipino Catholics are worried by new legislationContinue reading “BIDEN FUNDS FOR PHILIPPPINE ABORTION?”