US science team proves carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin was invalid, thereby refuting the theory that it was a hoax. Forensics report ‘human blood’ in the Shroud. By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – The Shroud of Turin is regarded as ‘the relic of all relics’, the mostContinue reading “SHROUD OF TURIN HOAX REFUTED”

A Songbird Heals Jennifer’s Cancer (#28)

Jennifer, a concert cellist, had stage 4 cancer of the breast which was starting to spread to her lungs. She was in deep depression. It was a bad time to get sick, because the orchestra was having frenzied rehearsals for a big concert. Her depression suddenly turned into hope when she met a nightingale. (ThisContinue reading “A Songbird Heals Jennifer’s Cancer (#28)”

Squatter Kids as Christ’s 12 Disciples

Joey Velasco painted a giant mural of the Last Supper with squatter kids as Christ’s 12 disciples. As he painted them on by one, he interviewed them, discovering the utter pains they endured, their broken lives. Then the kids asked him why he was in tears. He said, “Because I can feel all your pains”.Continue reading “Squatter Kids as Christ’s 12 Disciples”

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Spiritual Causes of Cancer (#3)

‘True Tales’ series – volume 3 Extreme emotional states like hatred or depression can cause cancer. Forgiveness and love can heal cancer. Our true story – a woman with breast cancer is healed. A book on a collection of ‘True Tales’ is forthcoming. eastwind journals, Updated April 14, 2020 (archives tr42) By Bernie V. Lopez,Continue reading “Spiritual Causes of Cancer (#3)”

Mediatrix Image Sheds Tears in Lipa

The Virgin weeps for the Filipino people – an omen of hope and a warning of dire things to come, a Pandemic message. eastwind journals, August 2, 2020 (archives tr208) By Bernie V. Lopez, Share with friends – Fr. Ted Kalaw, Superior General of the Clerics Minor Order, celebrated Holy Mass at theContinue reading “Mediatrix Image Sheds Tears in Lipa”

Starting Life at 80 (new version)

80-year-old Kevin was so depressed, he wanted to commit suicide. But suddenly, his total darkness became a blinding light. A story inspired by a real character. eastwind journals, updated June 16, 2022 (archives j1033) By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this article – Kevin was so bored with life that he started thinking ofContinue reading “Starting Life at 80 (new version)”

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eastwind journals – March 8, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – JOE BIDEN BACKS PRO-ABORTION MOVEMENT. IT IS AMAZING HOW A LAW, VIEWED TO PROTECT FREEDOM, IS IRONICALLY ALSO VIEWED TO SUPPRESS IT. The U.S. Equality Act exemplifies this absolute irony. And a war is brewing between LGBTQContinue reading “EQUALITY ACT – Church-vs-LGBTQ War”

CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CRISIS – History and Analysis

eastwind journals CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CRISIS History and Analysis (New Version) Share by sending this link – By Bernie V. Lopez Part 1. VATICAN ‘CIVIL WAR’ TRIGGERS CHURCH CRISIS The war between Conservatives and Liberals is the catalyst to the Church crisis. Vatican II intensifies the age-old war between Conservatives and Liberals. When LiberalContinue reading “CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CRISIS – History and Analysis”


eastwind journals BIDEN FUNDS FOR PHILIPPINE ABORTION? February 24, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – The Philippines is one of the last anti-abortion nations in the world, but extreme pressure from massive abortion funds from the US/UN may see a change. Filipino Catholics are worried by new legislationContinue reading “BIDEN FUNDS FOR PHILIPPPINE ABORTION?”