The Underground Concert

eastwind journals – June 4, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share with friends – (This story was inspired by an anonymous Internet article.) Ivan, a Croatian cellist with long hair and shabby clothes, drags a cumbersome cello to a busy New York City subway station and starts playing. People rush in and outContinue reading “The Underground Concert”

PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA * 7-day 80-km hike

After six months on the road from Brussels to Canary Islands, I hit Lisbon in the spring, and embarked on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fatima, a 7-day 80-kilometer hike from Lisbon. This was the time to pray that I could “find myself” somehow in this strange vast wilderness. (Excerpt from the book WINGSContinue reading “PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA * 7-day 80-km hike”

ASTRAL TRAVEL – The Power of the Mind

As a teenager, I dreamt a few times that I was flying across valleys and forests. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom and flight. Once, I suddenly woke up and the dream was so clear in my mind. By sheer will power, I decided to go back to sleep and return to that dream,Continue reading “ASTRAL TRAVEL – The Power of the Mind”

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NOVENA TO THE HOLY SPIRIT (May 14 to 22, 2021) Oh Holy Spirit, we ask you to comfort and strengthen us in these days of Pandemic darkness in our lives. Amen. Courtesy of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Picayune, MS http://www.scborromeo.or In preparation for Pentecost Sunday (May 23, 2021). You can pray missed days anytime,Continue reading “NOVENA TO THE HOLY SPIRIT”


The geopolitical role of Our Lady of Fatima in achieving peace in Asia is demonstrated by her visit to the Korean DMZ in 2017. By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – Three months after the statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Rome was displayed in a concelebrated mass 60Continue reading “FATIMA VISIT TO KOREA TRIGGERS PEACE PACT”

The General – inspired by a true story

A general who figured prominently in the tanks that stopped Marcos at EDSA. Growing old mellows the heart even of warriors. eastwind journals – May 12, 2021 (archives tr112) By Bernie V. Lopez, Share this article with friends via blog link – At the dinner table, everyone was silent. LIZ – (5 yearsContinue reading “The General – inspired by a true story”

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eastwind journals April 27, 2020 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – Here lies the contradiction posed by abortion — saving mothers by murdering unborn babies. Actually, it is just an excuse. The real aim is population control by enticing Third World nations with juicy funds to abandon their moralContinue reading “GLOBAL FUNDS FOR ABORTION”

Transforming Lives at Bilibid Prison

Bilibid is the largest centralized prison in the Philippines. It is like a small city. An Ateneo de Manila University drama team produced a play inside the jail with the entire cast made of inmates. They were surprised how the play transformed the lives of the inmates. eastwind journals April 27, 2021 (archive tr35) ByContinue reading “Transforming Lives at Bilibid Prison”

Intuitive Wisdom of Children

Five-year-old Peggy had the power to save her brother from terminal brain tumor. Eight-year-old Francis had the power to solve a two-hour three-kilometer traffic jam. In their utter innocence, children have the wisdom and power they do not know they have, until they start using them. (Inspired and rewritten from anonymous Internet sources.) eastwind journals,Continue reading “Intuitive Wisdom of Children”

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eastwind journals, Manila, April 26, 2021 By Bernie V. Lopez, Share by sending this link – Julius was the master chef in a famous five-star restaurant in Makati. All of a sudden, he is out of a job due to the pandemic. Depressed and bored, he is dared by his I.T. son ErnestContinue reading “THE PANDEMIC MASTER CHEF”