foodforthesoul (#2)

prayer-poems that touch and heal – volume 2

January 26, 2023

Excerpts from the mini-book ‘foodforthesoul’, by Bernie V. Lopez (eastwind). Hard copy available by courier (250 pesos only)

discover yourself by discovering the other
reach out in order to reach in
if you look for yourself you see total darkness
if look for the other you see blinding light

inside you is nothing
outside you is everything
inside you is confusion and mystery
outside you is love and wisdom

the other is a mirror
by which you see your true self
it is in loving the other
that you know yourself

loving someone builds you
loving yourself destroys you
love is the essence of all being
without which there is nothing

makilala mo ang tunay mong sarili
sa pagkilala sa iba
lumabas ka papunta sa kanila
nang makapasok ka sa loob mo
kung hahanapin mo ang iyong sarili
matatagpuan mo ang kadiliman
kung hahanapin mo ang iba
matatagpuan mo ang maliwanag na ilaw

wala kang makikita sa loob mo
makikita mong lahat sa labas mo
sa loob mo magulo at puno ng misterio
sa labas mo ay pagmamahal at karunungan

ang kapwa mo ay salaming pagtingin mo
makikita ang tunay mong sarili
pagminahal mo ang kapwa
matutuklasan mo ang tunay mong diwa

mahalin mo ang kapwa nang ikaw ay umunlad
mahalin mo ang sarili nang ikaw ay lalong maligaw
tayo ay nabubuhay upang magmahal
kung wala ito, wala nang lahat

discernment is seeing in total darkness
or in blinding light
it is knowing a person even before you meet him

discernment is knowing the answer
before the question is asked
it is knowing without being taught

discernment is loving without knowing why
believing without seeing
trusting complete strangers intuitively

discernment is knowing God’s will
understanding and believing it
without doubt or hesitation

Cover prayer-poem below.

I am the ocean you are the river
flow into Me as I into you
I am the vine you are the branches
abide in Me as I in you

Ako ang dagat ikaw ang ilog
umagos ka sa Akin at Ako sa iyo
Ako ang baging ikaw ang sanga
kumapit ka sa Akin at Ako sa iyo

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Author’s book. At age 26, the author (eastwind) drifted through Europe, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for three straight years. He wrote a book on his adventures, Wings and Wanderlust. He learned deep insights that radically changed his view of life, which he wants to share with readers looking for themselves or wanting to catch the wind. More about the book =

Author’s Credentials. Blogger – ex-Columnist (Inquirer) – Healing Ministry – ex-Professor (Ateneo University) – Documentary Producer-Director (freelance, ex-ABS-CBN, ex-TVS Tokyo) – ex-Broadcaster (Radio Veritas) – Facebook “Bernie V. Lopez Eastwind” / Pages “Eastwind Journeys and Journals” and “Mary Queen of Peace”.


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