More about the book – Wings and Wanderlust

At age 26, the author (eastwind) drifted through Europe, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for three straight years. He wrote a book on his adventures, Wings and Wanderlust. He learned deep insights that radically changed his view of life, which he wants to share with readers looking for themselves or wanting to catch the wind.

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sample verse 1
when you enter the dark forest
good and bad things lurk
to make and break your soul
take the chance, you will not regret it
darkness and light will encompass you
make the Lord your beacon
for He is the Light in your darkness
gather strength in His grace
and everything will fall into place
beyond your imagination

sample verse 2
listen, do not talk too much
so you can hear your soul
whisper to you
the wisdom of others

listen to silence
so that the softest sound
comes to you in a deafening roar
it will throw you off your seat

be a dry sponge
when the deluge comes
and take in as much of the storm
into your thirsty soul

1. A SWEDISH PRINCESS IN DISTRESS. Christmas period early 80s. After two days across the Sahara, I took a boat to Canary Islands from Playa del Aaiun. I hitchhiked towards Lanzarote and ended up in a crowded five-star beach hotel in the middle of nowhere. After dusk, the beach was empty, so I sneaked in, evading security. The beach was all mine. From atop the tall hotel, a maiden saw me inside a roof-less shed fixing my sleeping bag. Like an angel, she descended into my world and told me her story in tears. Read more =

2. CHRISTMAS WITH ARABS AND JEWS. I was hitchhiking through Europe as a young man in the 70s. After six months on the road, I ended up in Athens in the dead of winter, passing through Italy to Yugoslavia. In Athens, I bumped into the most bizarre Christmas of my life. Read more =

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Author’s Credentials. Blogger – ex-Columnist (Inquirer) – Healing Ministry – ex-Professor (Ateneo University) – Documentary Producer-Director (freelance, ex-ABS-CBN, ex-TVS Tokyo) – ex-Broadcaster (Radio Veritas) – Facebook “Bernie V. Lopez Eastwind” / Pages “Eastwind Journeys and Journals” and “Mary Queen of Peace”.

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