foodforthesoul – prayer-poems that inspire and heal – volume 7


Excerpts from the book ‘foodforthesoul’

After reading a prayer-poem, pause and immerse yourself in the Lord. Talk to Him casually. He is now beside you. You can ask for healing. He is the ultimate foodforthesoul Who nourishes and heals us all.

Volume 7 – March 1, 2023


jason is the only son of jessica
an unwed filipino dentist in new jersey
fatherless but rich
jason was spoiled by her mom

she could not even ask him
to mow the lawn
he was so bored with life
he looked far away for hours
to the horizon, lost in thought

jessica decided to send him as a volunteer
to a mission center in guatemala
there, for the first time
he learned the meaning of poverty and pain
forgetting the luxury of home
accepting the discomfort of mosquito bites
his heart opened up for the first time
he realized how much power he had
to change things and to help people

returning home to new jersey
the first thing jason asked her mom
was if she wanted him to mow the lawn
jessica fell into tears
things were never the same
jason was no longer a child
it took immersion in the pain of others
to awaken his restless soul

dunk your children in the mud
so they can grow strong and learn to love
extricate them from the indifference
of comfort and apparent peace

the greatest virtues
are also the greatest vices

wealth sanctifies if shared
and depraves if ill-gotten
power redeems if used to help others
and enslaves if used for self gain

they spell success in life and destiny after life
they are the Lord’s tools for salvation and damnation

Below, copy of introductory prayer poem(s).

what makes water gold is the sun
water by itself is clear and colorless
the water is your soul
the sun is Jesus who gives you His Light

ang tubig ay kulay ginto kapag naarawan
at walang kulay kung walang araw
ang tubig ay ang iyong kaluluwa
ang araw ay si Hesus
na nagbibigay ng kanyang Ilaw

Poems by Bernie V. Lopez,

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