Balancing Our Will with God’s Will

Through practice, David mastered the ancient slingshot, the accuracy of hitting targets through trial and error. It involved the speed of the stone from twirling it and the exact moment of release.

From a distance, David killed Goliath with a single stone to the forehead, cracking his skull. The Philistines gasped in disbelief. David beheaded Goliath and, as he raised Goliath’s huge head, the Philistines fled in fear. The Messiah would later trace his roots to David, the warrior-king who conquered vastly superior enemies in the Lord’s name, establishing the link between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

True Stories of God’s Will.

Because of a grid lock that did not move for 30 minutes, George missed his flight to Miami for an important international conference where he was the guest speaker. The plane crashed at take-off. He saw the flames from the traffic jam at an elevated street near the airport. He knelt down on the sidewalk unashamedly in tears to thank the Lord for his kindness. The Lord moves in mysterious ways, using grid locks to save people.

During the 9/11 tragedy, because she had a fever, Noemi, a Filipino nurse asked her husband George to take their son to school before going to office. So, he arrived late at his work at the World Trade Center Tower 1, which was already in flames.

All subways and buses were frozen. While walking for ten hours from downtown Manhattan to the George Washington bridge to his home on the New Jersey side, George thanked the Lord for his kindness. The Lord makes wives sick to save their husbands.

Balancing our will with God’s will.

During this pandemic, for God’s will to act in our favor, our will has to align with his, which requires strong faith and surrender to his will. Those who rely more on themselves sometimes fail but those who rely more on the Lord never fail. Throughout the Old Testament days, in the battlefield, the Israelites would lose when they displeased the Lord, and would win against overwhelming odds if they were loyal to him. The same with us during this pandemic.

Learn to balance reliance on God versus reliance on our will, surrender to God’s ways versus dependence on our own skills. The more our will coincides with God’s will, the better we can cope. This is the way to surmount the Goliath pandemic.

Believe in God and believe in yourself at the same time, when facing your Goliath.

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