Diary of Mediatrix Visionary Sr. Teresing (updated version)


Finally, the manuscript was released to the public on the birthday of Mama Mary, September 8, 2020. Visionary Sr. Teresing wrote two diaries. The first diary was burned by anti-Marians. She wrote from memory a type-written second diary (free download below) a few years before she died. She wrote about being tormented by the devil; rose petals miraculously bearing religious images appearing in her room, one of which healed a woman with cancer in Chicago; and Our Lady’s warning about China.

eastwind journals, July 19, 2021 (archives tr21/143)

By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com

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The author was given permission to publish the diary by the nephew of Sr. Teresing, to whom she entrusted the second diary before she died. Readers can download the manuscript, given in 36 photos in a Word file at the end of this article.

This diary is the only known existing first-hand evidence of the apparitions of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace, a name she told Sr. Teresing to be her title. Just like Sr. Lucia of Fatima, the Blessed Virgin appeared many times to Sr. Teresing and talked intimately to her, proclaiming her messages to the world.

Sample page below, entire diary at the end for free download.


DIARY EXCERPT NO. 1 – Tormented by the devil

August 11, 1948. “At around 3:00 a.m. I was awakened by the shaking of my bed which lasted about one minute or so. (The devil) also told me that I was wrong in loving and respecting the Bishop and Mother Cecilia. He was terribly ugly. He hit me and the marks (were) seen by Mother Prioress. His foul odor convinced me that he was something totally evil. With God’s grace, I was determined to win the battle. He disappeared after being sprinkled by me with holy water as I have been told to do by Mother Prioress.”

Note. The devil tormented Sr. Teresing because he knew how important Our Lady Mediatrix was in the Church’s evangelization efforts. In his article Ecclessia in Asia (November 1999), St. John Paul II wrote that the first millennium was devoted to the evangelization of the Old World (31 AD or the death of Christ to 1000 AD), the second millennium (1001 to 2000) to the evangelization of the New World, and the third millennium (2001 to 3000) to the evangelization of Asia. In the devil’s panic, he instilled fear on Sr. Teresing to prevent her from receiving the messages of Our Lady. But the Virgin prevailed.

Indeed, Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Grace in the Philippines (1947) is a continuation of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal (1917).

DIARY EXCERPT NO. 2 – Miracle of the Rose Petals

August 20, 1948. “I was in our cell, fixing our bed, when I heard a sound similar to that of a bird flapping its wings. When I looked up, I noticed a strong, sweet smell and I saw petals falling from nowhere because there was no hole in the ceiling. When the petals reached the floor, they formed into cross, so I said to myself: “O my Jesus, what is happening to me now?” Mother Prioress gathered the petals and brought them with her.”

September 1, 1948. “I was led back to our cell. I smelt a sweet fragrance again and immediately guessed that Mama Mary was in our cell. Yes, she was! Although I was blind, she told me to gather all the petals on our bed. I did. Before she left the cell, I begged her on bended knees to please allow me to kiss her feet. Much to my surprise, she consented. I could hardly believe, but it is really very true. I felt I couldn’t do it, because I felt so unworthy. But I did it: My feeling was beyond description.”

Note. Many times, witnessed by hundreds of people, a shower of rose petals fell from the sky at the Carmelite Convent in Lipa City, sometimes inside the cloistered grounds, petals which had etchings of religious images, such as the three children visionaries praying to Our Lady of Fatima, the Black Madonna, the Holy Trinity, the Last Supper, etc.


In the book Mary Mediatrix of All Grace (available at the Carmelite Convent in Lipa City, Batangas), author Rene de Jesus quotes Sr. Mary Angela (page 152 to 153), “Dear Julie (Hughes-Sikora, Filipino married to American), I was cured by your rose petals. I want you to know that it had performed a miracle on me. I was cured of my cancer. Please come and see me when you get to Chicago. Sr. Mary Angela.”

De Jesus writes, “Sr. Mary Angela recounted that, when the rose petal was brought to her (by Julie), she was dying of bladder cancer, and a coffin was already on standby. (She was) alone in her room with the petal, praying. The Blessed Mother in her white veil dress and veil ‘came out’ of the rose petal and stood floating on a cloud before her. The Blessed Mother smiled at her. With her pain so severe, she fainted. She woke up the next day with all her scars from her past operations gone. She felt well and healed completely.”

Julie got the ‘healing rose petal’ at the Mediatrix shrine in Lipa. A strong wind blew a shower of petals, and she picked up one. She brought it to the US, and eventually surrendered the petal to the Carmelite Sisters in Lipa after it healed Sr. Mary Angela.


Former Lipa Archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Vidal announced to all Philippine bishops a stern and ominous message from Our Lady Mediatrix, “Pray hard, for China’s dream is to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites.” (Inquirer July 13, 2014).

The word ‘invasion’ may be an economic rather than a military one. The ‘conversion’ of China does not necessarily mean conversion to Christianity, but more of a change of heart, of goodwill to its neighbors, towards peace. Indeed, Our Lady of Mediatrix may be the key to peace in Asia.

When St. John Paul II consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Cuban Crisis was resolved, the USSR splintered into many small nations, the Berlin Wall fell, the Cold War ended when Gorbachev, who instituted dialogue with the West through Perstroika and Glasnost, and became the first Russian leader to visit the Vatican, tore down the Iron Curtain and opened Christian churches all over Russia.

In the same way, the consecration of China to the Immaculate Heart will hopefully defer the potential confrontation of China and the US in the West Philippine Sea. What warships and warplanes cannot achieve, namely peace, Our Lady can.


LIBRARY OF MEDIATRIX ARTICLES IN THIS SITE (complete history and overview of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace) – https://eastwindjournals.com/2022/02/15/library-of-mediatrix-articles-in-eastwindjournals-com/


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