Lord, uplift me when I am down. Give me the grace and strength to cope. With you beside me, I have nothing to fear.

eastwind journals, July 22, 2021

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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The seven pandemic virtues in a nutshell help us cope with despair and depression. These are virtues which are ironically enhanced by the pandemic, a blessing in disguise, especially for the elderlies who have less options, who have to strengthen themselves spiritually as their bodies weaken.


Even if there are small feuds in between harmony, family matters. Reconcile and forgive, or find a new ‘family’ if you lost one.


If your faith is strong, no crisis can budge you. Surrendering your will to the Lord heals and dispels fears. If the Lord is a personal friend you talk to daily, he takes care of you all the way, especially in hard moments. Letting go heals you.


Solitude or ‘alone-ness’ is different from loneliness. It is your inner garden insulated from the chaos of the world. Cherish solitude as a time for prayer and meditation and talking to the Lord and to yourself. Play solitaire on your cellphone when you are bored. If you have no family or live alone, remember that being alone is also a virtue.


Make your life meaningful and relevant. Absurdity invites depression. You will never survive it. Discover something you love to do and do it with gusto. Ask the Lord to help you search for meaning. If you become close to him, that is in itself relevance. Avoid Ernest Hemingway’s way. He committed suicide when he realized he could no longer write, the only thing he lived for. Meaning in your life is much easier to find if you serve others.


Advice from Little Prince – always open your ears and your eyes and your heart to new things that come your way. Do not be left out. Keep abreast of new developments. Do not be the ostrich that buries its head on a hole in the ground.


Find the music that soothes you and consoles you during hard times,. Youtube is the best and easy way to search. Share your music with others who may like them also.


1) love is the essence of life;

2) without love, you are nothing, a nobody;

3) love is its own reward a hundred fold of what you give;

4) failing to love is its own punishment;

5) love is an obligation, not an option;

6) love numbs all the pains of life;

7) love heals all wounds and is the cousin of forgiveness;

8) giving to others is giving to yourself;

9) love is knowing who you are reflected in other people who act as mirrors;

10) love is powerful and works wonders beyond imagination;

11) love can heal vengeance, bitterness, jealousy, hatred;

12) love can surmount the insurmountable.


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