The Tuna Tycoon

The Binondo Chinese are instinctive entrepreneurs. My classmate worked as a young aide of the legendary Lucio Tan. He says that he and Lucio went to a two-star restaurant to see if they could buy the firm of a Chinese businessman. Lucio asked a lot of questions but was not taking notes. After a 30-minute interview, Lucio took out of his wallet a piece of yellow paper so torn, it was hard to unfold. In that handwritten paper was Lucio’s entire empire. He studied it for a minute, then said, “Okay, I’ll buy it.”

AUTHOR’S BOOK  – Wings and Wanderlust – Discovering your Inner Self. At age 26, the author hitchhiked 25,000 kilometers in Europe and North Africa for three straight years. In this book of his wild adventures, he learned deep insights that changed him totally, which he wants to share with readers. It also a guidebook on how to plan your own adventure.

Order a paperback or an e-book. For paperbacks, if you are a Philippine resident, save on shipping cost by ordering by email at For e-books, if you have an IPAD, download the app ‘kindle’. For non-IPADS, buy a kindle device (check guidelines.) –

FOR THOSE WHO NEED HEALING, spiritual or physical (depression, anxiety, loneliness, terminal cancer, covid, diabetes, etc.) – say a healing prayer with –

1) Father Fernando

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