We are Made from Stardust

This article is a simplified layman’s view of the Universe. If we were star gazers that can roam the Universe at will and go back to the deep past, this is what we would see, one of the theories of modern Astronomy today.

eastwind journals, June 13, 2022 (archives tr257)

By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com

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Trillions of years ago, a massive super-nova occurred, an explosion of a mega-star. The explosion was the size of billions of light years in diameter, lighting up half of the so-called ‘Known Universe’ or ‘Observable Universe’. (Note. Nothing is known beyond the Known Universe, estimated at 93 billion light years in diameter, because light beyond has not yet reached the Earth. If light from the edge of the Known Universe, has been travelling for 93 billion light years and it is just arriving here now, you can imagine the sheer distance.)

u02 – the known universe

Yet, that super-nova explosion was relatively a ‘small’ one, a trillionth or so of the size of the ‘Big Bang’, theoretically considered as the birth of the Universe, or so astronomers theorize.

Our sun is but a speck among a trillion other stars within the Milky Way galaxy, which is in turn a tiny speck within the cluster of billions of other galaxies, which is in turn a speck within a super-cluster of millions of other clusters. Our sun is a grain of sand in a desert (our Milky Way galaxy) a million or so times the size of the Sahara. That is how small we are, and how big the Known Universe is.

The super-nova created heat of billions of degrees Fahrenheit, the foundry in which the very first heavy metals were formed on a molecular level – gold, zinc, iron, manganese, copper. The iron, manganese and zinc in our blood are traces from that super-nova. Indeed, we are literally physically made from stars. Remnants of that super-nova is what we know today as the Virgo super-cluster.

Billions of years from now, our Milky Way will collide with Andromeda, a larger neighboring galaxy. But do not worry, we will de dead by then and this galactic event will not be a violent one. Stars will not collide. There will be plenty of spaces in between, and they will simply pass each other. But they will trigger gravitational mega-storms which will in turn trigger the birth of new of stars and the death of old stars, the complex formation of intertwining nebulas and stardust, harmony within chaos all at once.

A billion or so years from now, when the sun’s energy runs out, it will expand into a ‘red giant’, then collapse into a ‘white dwarf’, where a teaspoon of matter will be about a million times the mass of all the planets in our solar system combined. It will then explode into a nova, swallowing our entire solar system. This ‘tiny’ nova will be a millionth of a millionth of the size of the Virgo super-nova, a trillionth of trillionth of the size of the cosmic Big Bang, in a manner of speaking. We are stardust and to stardust we shall return.

u05 – we are stardust

Our bodies are temporal. We will die in mere decades. But within the temporal is the eternal because our spirits are immortal. We are bodies for now but immortal souls when we die. We are forever.

We are a speck in the universe, yet we are ‘bigger’ than the universe because of consciousness. What we see becomes part of our consciousness, and becomes part of what we are. Through consciousness, we transcend the physical Universe. We transcend cosmic time and space. We are for now and forever all at once, like a flower which is for now as it will wilt soon, but which is forever as it gives seeds for the next generation. We are temporal and eternal all at once.

We are just beginning to understand the mysteries of the Universe with our puny instruments. At every spectacle we discover, we discern the Lord’s wisdom and power and grandeur. Lord, creator of the Universe, we adore you and praise you. When we contemplate on your vastness, we understand how you fill our smallness.

u16 – cat’s eye nebula
u11 – space station viewing earth

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