In Defense of Pope Francis on Homosexuality

Pope Francis has been under intense attack from critics for his ‘controversial’ statement which sent ripples across the Church worldwide – “Being homosexual is not a crime. Yes, it is a sin.” (AP, January 25, 2023). This article is in his defense.

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January 26, 2023 (archives = tr347)

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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During the AP interview, which went viral, he added that (dissenting) bishops in particular need to undergo a process of change to recognize the dignity of everyone.

First, let us clarify ‘condition’ versus ‘act’. The CONDITION of homosexuality is not a sin per se because it is a biological or psychological state rather than an ACT of the will. Only the ACT, based on one’s will or conscience, can be the source of sin, depending on the circumstances.

Second, let us clarify ‘crime’ versus ‘sin’, as spoken by Pope Francis. Let us make a critical distinction. “Crime” is a LEGAL term which implies violation of a government law, subject to penalty by the government. Sin” is a MORAL term which implies violation of a Church law, subject to penalty by the Church (e.g. excommunication, or exile) or by God himself in his own way (e.g. disasters, pandemic).

On moral grounds, Pope Francis is criticizing governments and their legal systems who criminalize homosexuality. For him, homosexuals, even if considered as ‘sinners’, have dignity and must be respected. His statement is a conflict between the moral (Church mandate) and the legal (government mandate). It is true that Pope Francis has no right to interfere with State matters, but he has the right to speak out against government policies on moral grounds as a citizen and as a Vicar of Christ.

The Philippine media in the past has been covering the raids of prostitute dens. They often try to take footage of them covering their faces to put them to shame. They look down on prostitutes and want to ‘punish’ them with shame. This is not a Christian act. Prostitutes are to be respected as human beings, whose only ‘crime’ is to be poor and to survive in their dire poverty. They bring food on the table for their families and try to get good education for their children so they do not become victims of poverty like them. As Christians, we must restore their dignity. They need rehabilitation and counsel, not condemnation and penalty.

In the same way, Pope Francis is asking us to respect homosexuals even if they are regarded by the Church as sinners. After all, we are all sinners like them. This distinction is the core issue in the morality of homosexuality. This is the reason why he wants government to decriminalize homosexuality.

Dear Lord, restore the dignity of the downtrodden and the poor. Forgive, cleanse and uplift the prostitutes and homosexuals who have gone astray.

The War between Conservatives and Liberals

The war between Conservatives and Liberals began at the birth of Catholicism, right after the resurrection of Christ. It is a never-ending conflict which the Conservatives have somehow dominated for centuries. The Liberals have always been in the background. Pope Francis is the first Liberal Pope, the first Jesuit Pope of history. The Jesuits launched the Counter-Reformation to restore the Church after the great Protestant splinter started by Martin Luther. Pope Francis was ironically endorsed by the Conservative Pope Benedict, truly what God wanted. Pope Benedict, frustrated in failing to control his fellow Conservatives, chose a Liberal to replace him.

As soon as he ascended the throne, Pope Francis cleansed the all-powerful Curia and the Vatican itself of Conservatives in one quick sweep, in a matter of days. Instantly, he was attacked from all sides. This ‘apostasy’ or rebellion was prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima. It is right now ongoing, exemplified by the issues surrounding LGBTQ, homosexuality, and the Latin mass, to name a few.

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