foodforthesoul – prayer-poems that inspire – volume 3


Excerpts from the book ‘foodforthesoul’

After reading a prayer-poem, pause and immerse yourself in the Lord. Talk to Him casually. He is now beside you. He is the ultimate foodforthesoul Who nourishes us all.

Volume 3 – January 30, 2023

all that begin must end
death follows birth
dusk follows dawn
darkness follows light

only one thing is endless
your immortal soul
image of the Alpha and Omega
Who has no beginning and no end
in Him lies your eternity

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega
the beginning and the end
the center of everything that is
He is before birth and after death
He gives and takes away
He permeates our lives
without Him we are nothing
without Him we cannot cope
He is within us always

Copy of introductory prayer poem(s) below.

now that You have healed me Lord
I find a change in me
I have grown quieter in spirit
I find myself smiling at obnoxious people
singing during heavy traffic
less agitated by inane blunders
no longer riled by rowdy kids

I have built a soft fence
against the frenzied world
I now find time for myself
quiet moments of prayer with You
I have become at home with myself
and at home with You
You have healed my troubled spirit

ngayong ginamot Mo na ang aking sakit, Panginoon
ramdam ko ang pagbabago ko
naging mas tahimik ang aking kalooban
ngumingiti sa mga masusungit
kumakanta kapag sobra ang trapik
hindi na nanginginig sa bawat pagkakamali
hindi na nabubulabog ng mga batang maiingay

binakuran ko na ang sarili ko
laban sa magulong mundo
may panahon na akong
magdasal sa katahimikan
at home na ako sa Iyo
nagamot Mo ang aking diwang di mapakali

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Poems by Bernie V. Lopez

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