foodforthesoul – prayer-poems that inspire – volume 5


Excerpts from the book ‘foodforthesoul’

After reading a prayer-poem, pause and immerse yourself in the Lord. Talk to Him casually. He is now beside you. He is the ultimate foodforthesoul Who nourishes us all.

Volume 5 – February 12, 2023


in a remote village in mindoro
jobless mang inciong
sits by the sari-sari store every morning
talking to himself

he is the object of ridicule
by everyone who comes to the store
women tease him, children throw stones at him
everyone has a great time making fun of him

but he is forever meek
taking all the hurt in silence
by mid-afternoon he begins to drink
a bottle of gin without chaser

once he is drunk
it is his turn to get even
everyone who ridiculed him scurries way
as he shouts invectives and insults

he is not a fool
he knows the secret sins of the people who ridicule him
the walls have ears
it is his turn to shame and ridicule them

he casually relates a ‘secret’ love affair of married woman
a father who raped his own daughter
a closet queen who is no longer so closeted
he shames all who had shamed him

everyone is gone when he starts shouting
but mang inciong knows they are all listening
to the gossips he says about others
he has become the village voice of their sins

he is a mouthpiece of lust hypocrisy
adultery perversity greed
finally, they leave him alone
respected, no longer ridiculed

he who maligns
is maligned a hundred-fold

we are in a hurry but we are going nowhere
we communicate to many but we have no message
many communicate to us but we do not listen
we are busy yet bored
we regress in our progress

place the spiritual before the technical
balance an hour of internet with a minute of prayer
seek harmony when conflicts intensify
induce patience when tempers flare
render to caesar and render to the Lord

Copy of introductory prayer poem(s) below.

when coffee was served
everyone chose the more expensive cups

your cup can be made of paper
but your coffee can be the best brew
go for the coffee not the cup

the cup is salary and career
position and prestige
the material world your body yearns for

the coffee is fulfillment and happiness
good relationships and peace of mind
the spiritual world your soul yearns for

nang hinananda na ang kape
lahat nag-agawan sa magandang tasa

kahit na ang tasa mo ay papel
ang lasa ng kape ang mahalaga
hanapin mo yung kape hindi yung tasa

ang tasa ay ang sweldo at katungkulan
katayuan at katanyagan
kaumunduang hangad ng iyong katawan

ang kape ay ang ligaya at katuparan
pakikipagbagay at kapayapaan
diwang hangad ng iyong kaluluwa

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Poems by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwind

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