foodforthesoul – prayer-poems that inspire and heal – volume 8


Excerpts from the book ‘foodforthesoul’

After reading a prayer-poem, pause and immerse yourself in the Lord. Talk to Him casually. He is now beside you. You can ask for healing. He is the ultimate foodforthesoul Who nourishes and heals us all.

Volume 8 – March 24, 2023

at the core of our Milky Way galaxy
is a super-black hole smaller than Earth
yet it controls trillions of stars in the galaxy
Lord, you are the black hole
and we are your stars

every tiny moon is in its grasp
the mass of a teaspoon of matter in the black hole
is a million times that of our entire solar system
yet it is a mere shadow
of the Lord’s power majesty and Light

it took chinese billionaire wang
a lifetime to build his economic empire
the fruit of daily painstaking work

now he basks in luxury
on his throne in his ripe age
viewing the panorama of his wealth

it took cancer to suddenly awaken him
that his empire could vanish so easily
in the blink of an eye

so he knelt and prayed for the first time
to thank the Lord
for giving him a chance to change

his children were angry
when he gave half his empire away
he had to share his empire to the poor

giving was now his new-found wealth
he wanted to build a new empire
that could last forever

not of fortune that will fade away
not of palaces that will crumble
but of love that will endure

it was grabbing so much that brought cancer
it was giving so much that healed cancer
today he basks in the glory of the Lord

wang is now poorer but happier
no longer excited by corporate frenzy
looking forward to morning meditations

Below, copy of introductory prayer-poem(s).

like salt in sea water
let your free will merge with God’s will
live a life of total surrender in the Lord

gaya ng asin sa tubig dagat
hayaan mong maghalo ang loob mo
sa loob ng Panginoon
isuko mo ang loob at buhay mo sa Kanya

sr raquel reodica, rvm

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