foodforthesoul * volume 4

prayer-poems that touch and heal

February 2, 2023

Excerpts from the mini-book ‘foodforthesoul’, by Bernie V. Lopez (eastwind), hard copy available by courier –


a flower is the symbol of the temporal
it blooms to herald its beauty
then withers and vanishes
a flower is the symbol of the eternal
before it withers, it makes new seeds
it is reborn and never dies
our soul is like a flower
born beautiful in time and space
eternal in rebirth in the Lord

there was a huge traffic jam
a sixteen wheeler was stuck
beneath the low overpass
a dozen men and the police were talking
but no one could find a way
to remove the truck from under the overpass

they tried everything
crane, grease, sledge hammer
but the truck would not budge
joseph was tugging at his dad’s arm
his dad ignored him

an hour passed by
the traffic extended for ten kilometers
the men were desperate and nervous
finally his dad could not stand his repeated nagging
he faced joseph squarely
and asked what it was he wanted

joseph said it was so simple
all they had to do
was take out the air from the tires
everyone looked at joseph with amazement
his dad was embarrassed
instantly the truck was out of the overpass

a child’s heart is intuitive
that adult minds are blind to
intricate logic cannot see
what simple insights a child sees so clearly

unless you become little children
you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven
or move a truck stuck under an overpass

ang buhay ay parang keyboard ng piano
ang puti ay kaligayahan
ang itim ay kalungkutan
sa ating paglakbay sa buhay
silang dalawa ay nagbibigay ng himig

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Author’s book. At age 26, the author (eastwind) drifted through Europe, hitchhiking 25,000 kilometers for three straight years. He wrote a book on his adventures, Wings and Wanderlust. He learned deep insights that radically changed his view of life, which he wants to share with readers looking for themselves or wanting to catch the wind. More about the book =

Author’s Credentials. Blogger – ex-Columnist (Inquirer) – Healing Ministry – ex-Professor (Ateneo University) – Documentary Producer-Director (freelance, ex-ABS-CBN, ex-TVS Tokyo) – ex-Broadcaster (Radio Veritas) – Facebook “Bernie V. Lopez Eastwind” / Pages “Eastwind Journeys and Journals” and “Mary Queen of Peace”.


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