The Child Healer (#15)

‘True Tales’ Series – Volume 15

All day, Rebecca, a six-year-old homeless orphan, simply touches people and they all go home healed.

eastwind journals – April 12, 2023 – Archives tr205

By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@bernadettelopez

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Rebecca, a six-year-old homeless orphan, lives alone below the roofed statue of the Blessed Virgin at the Baclaran Church garden. Especially on Wednesdays when there is the novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, attended by thousands, she is forced to wake up early to avoid being seen by church goers who arrive at 5:30 a.m. Mass.

Before she retires, she cleans up the garbage area of a nearby restaurant, for which Aling Lucy, the kind elderly woman owner gives her two pieces of pan de coco (coconut meat sandwich) and a cup of hot tea for dinner and breakfast the next day.


Every evening before she sleeps, she kneels in front of the statue to pray, “Pagpalain niyo po ako, mahal kong Mama Mary. Kayo po ang aking tunay na Ina, wala nang iba. Alagaan nyo po ako”. (Bless me, dear Mama Mary. You are my true Mother. Please take care of me.) Then she says five Hail Marys. Rebecca is never lonely because she knows Mama Mary is beside her. She talks to her often the whole day. Some think she is crazy. One day, she is told that Aling Lucy is at Manila Doctor’s Hospital on U.N. Avenue. She goes there on foot, walking for two hours. It is evening, and visitors are no longer allowed. She tells a lady doctor she has to give a rosary to Aling Lucy so she will get well fast. The lady doctor accompanies Rebecca to her room.

ALING LUCY – (Surprised.) What brings you here, Rebecca.

REBECCA – I just want to give you this rosary given to me by Father Jimmy. He says that if I get sick, it has the power to heal me. What are you sick of, anyway?

ALING LUCY – No, Rebecca. The rosary cannot heal you. It is your faith which heals you through the rosary. I have cancer of the brain.

REBECCA – What is cancer of the brain?

ALING LUCY – Like there is something in my brain trying to destroy it.

RECECCA – Oh my. You mean you may die?

ALING LUCY – Not at once. Maybe in a year.

REBECCA – Do you have faith?

ALING LUCY – Of course, I do.

REBECCA – Then, there’s no problem Your faith will heal you, as you told me. You can have my rosary. I will ask Fr. Jimmy to give me another one.

ALING LUCY – That’s very nice of you. You better go home. It’s very late.

LADY DOCTOR – (Entering.) Aling Lucy is my patient. The hospital service will take you home, Rebecca to Baclaran Church.

REBECCA – Not inside the church, outside in the garden.

Rebecca visits Aling Lucy almost every day and they pray the rosary together. After a month, Aling Lucy can no longer pray because she has extreme headache, like her skull being hammered. So, Rebecca sits beside her, sobbing. Rebecca refuses to go home. The lady doctor lets her stay. In the morning, they are sleeping side by side.

REBECCA – (As they awaken in the morning.) Mama Mary, please help Aling Lucy. (She puts the rosary on her forehead as she weeps.)

ALING LUCY – What did you just do? The pain disappeared suddenly.

RECECCA – I put the rosary on your forehead. I knew it. Mama Mary is healing you.

ALING LUCY – Keep it there. It removes the pain.

REBECCA – You said it is our faith that heals, not the rosary.

ALING LUCY – Then it is your strong faith that is healing me.

RECECCA – Okay then. Put the rosary away and I will just put my hand on your forehead.

ALING LUCY – I feel no pain when you touch me.

Next day, the lady doctor does a test on Aling Lucy and is shocked to discover that she is suddenly cancer free. She is discharged quickly. The story of spreads like wild fire about this child healer who sleeps underneath Mama Mary’s statue. Many sick visit see her. All day, she simply touches people and they all go home healed. The priests assign a security guard for her because there are too many people. They move her into her own special bedroom and feed her every day. Aling Lucy is now her assistant, keeping the line of patients. Rebecca says “They are not my patients, but Mama Mary’s.”

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