Guadalupe – Miracles of Tears and of Light

The statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe wept when Mexico legalized abortion. As the entire planet heads towards legalizing abortion on a global scale, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of the unborn, is frantic to give her message. The Miracle of Light in 2007 was followed by the Miracle of Tears in 2018. There is today an intensifying civil war between pro- and anti-abortionists in the U.S.

eastwind journals, February 19, 2022 (archives tr212)

By Bernie V. Lopez,

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In spite of the victory over the reversal by the US Supreme Court of the infamous Roe vs. Wade case, which established in 1973 the precedent legalizing abortion in the entire US, the minority anti-abortionists continue to fight to protect the right to life of unborn babies. In the 59 years abortion was still legal, about 60 million babies were killed, labeled as a form of genocide by anti-abortionists. The US has the biggest number of abortions worldwide. (read more about the US abortion civil war, link at the end.)

The Miracle of Tears.

p619 – miracle of tears

On May 20, 2018, during a noon Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, parishioners witnessed the statue of Our Lady weeping. They quickly reported it to Fr. Pepe Segura, the parish priest, who was initially skeptical that people may have gotten the statue wet.

Judy Ronquillo, the church manager, said, “The more we wiped her tears, the more she cried. We cried with her. Her tears ran down her chest and there was a puddle on the floor. It was more oily and it smelled like roses. Two priests came and wiped the face dry. Then on Tuesday and Thursday, the weeping began again.”

People kept pouring in even when the statue had stopped weeping. The parish opened the church 24 hours a day, until they started limiting visits from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. because the electricity cost rose rapidly.

“The Diocese of Las Cruces is conducting an investigation. They have collected samples of the tears to send to a laboratory to examine and the statue will be x-rayed to be sure there’s nothing inside that could cause the tears. You can see video footage here and here is an interview with the artist of the statue, Ricardo Flores-Kaspanis.”

“You have faith and you believe in miracles,” said Ronquillo, “but there are no words to explain what it feels like when you see a statue crying. When you see this, your faith is stronger.” (Source –

The Miracle of the Light.

“On April 24, 2007, at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, moments after the Municipal Council of Mexico City had just legalized abortion”, the Miracle of Light occurred.

p616 – miracle of light

“At the end of the mass offered for the unborn children, while many of the faithful took photographs of the tilma or cloak of Tepeyac, the image of the Virgin began to fade away, giving way to a very intense light that emanated from her abdomen like a shiny halo in the shape of an embryo.” Engineer Luis Girault reported that the light was not a reflection but a luminescence (coming from within).

“Millions of potentially beautiful lives are cut short each day in their mothers’ wombs.” (Source –

The Miracle of Light is a message from Our Lady of Guadalupe who is so worried by the expanding legalization of abortion worldwide, not just in Guadalupe. The Light is Jesus in her womb. Her womb catches fire during the Mass in honor of martyred unborn babies, witnessed by hundreds of pilgrims.

Man, in his fear of a rapidly shrinking Earth that would syphon resources dramatically, and cause many energy wars among frantic users, has taken it upon himself to meddle in the Divine Power of Creation to ‘save’ the Earth. Ironically, instead of saving the Earth, he is destroying it by incurring God’s wrath. Marian Theologians relate the spread of the lingering pandemic to global legalized abortion.

The article ends with a prayer, “Holy Mary, who, under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is invoked as Mother by the men and women of Mexico and Latin America, encouraged by the love that you inspire in us, we place our lives in your motherly hands. May you hold sway in the hearts of all the mothers of the world. We turn to you and trust in you. Amen. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us. (Say a Hail Mary)”.

P514 – three phases of Marian messages

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